Krystal Boost — Back With Guaranteed Rewards!

By Krystal Wallet | Krystal Wallet | 3 Mar 2022

Krystal Boost — Back With Guaranteed Rewards!

Want guaranteed rewards? We heard you. Krystal Boost is back — now with guaranteed rewards! 

What is Krystal Boost?

Krystal Boost is a programme EXCLUSIVE to Krystal users, that allows you to earn rewards for every trade that you make with our Swap feature. Depending on your trade size, you will automatically earn guaranteed rewards or enter a spot in the raffle pool and be rewarded in BUSD!

How do I participate in Krystal Boost?


xThe more you swap, the more chances of grabbing the Rewards during the campaign period! Swapping less than $3000? Fret not, you are automatically entitled to the raffle pool! Guaranteed reward slots are limited, swap now to grab those rewards!

Trade volume during the campaign period will be accumulated to determine your prize tier.

  • Tier 1: Accumulated trades above $10,000 = $20 reward*
  • Tier 2: Accumulated trades between $3,000-$9,999 = $5 reward*
  • Tier 3: Accumulated trades between $10-$2,999 = raffle ($5 x 600 prizes)

*Limited slots for guaranteed rewards. Once all of the guaranteed rewards have been fully redeemed, eligible wallets will be included in the raffle.

Check out the steps below:

  1. Go to Krystal app (iOS | Android | Website)
  2. Connect your existing wallet or create a new wallet with Krystal
  3. Swap ANY token on ANY chain (Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom or Cronos)
  4. All trades between 03 March 12:00 PM — 08 March 23:59 PM GMT+8 are eligible
  5. Check your rewards — List of eligible wallets will be updated daily at 1pm (GMT +8) on our Telegram channel
  6. Claim your rewards — Rewards will be distributed within 7 working days after results are announced

How are the winners determined?

For accumulated trades $3,000 and above:

You will earn a guaranteed reward (refer to tier table for rewards breakdown; subject to first-come-first-serve basis).

If guaranteed rewards are fully claimed, you will be automatically included in the raffle.

For accumulated trades $10 and above:

You will earn a raffle spot to earn rewards. Reward winners will be picked using a randomiser, on 11 March 2022.

What are the rewards?


How will the Rewards be distributed?

Rewards will be distributed in BUSD on Binance Smart Chain.

Rewards will be claimable on Krystal Mobile App Reward App within 7 working days after results are announced.

If you have not done so yet, download the Krystal Mobile App (iOS | Android)

  1. Import the SAME wallet you have used for this contest onto the app
  2. Go to the Explore tab -> click Reward
  3. Click Claim to claim your Reward (do make sure you have BNB in your wallet to process the transaction as this is an on chain transaction)


Q: What happens when guaranteed reward allocation is fully redeemed?

A: You will automatically be given a Raffle spot. Do look out for the updates on Telegram.

Q: Will my trades be accumulated over the week?

A: Yes! Trades will be accumulated over the week and across all of our supported chains, you can refer to the following table as an example:


Q: Where can I check if my wallet has earned any rewards?

A: Rewards table will be updated daily at 1pm (GMT +8) on our Telegram channel, so do follow us to receive the latest updates!

Q: Can a single wallet earn multiple rewards?

A: No, rewards are limited to 1 per wallet, and they will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. Once all the guaranteed rewards have been claimed, eligible wallets will automatically be included for Raffle rewards.

Q: Will a wrapped token trade be eligible to earn rewards?

A: Krystal allows you to swap via any route/DEX (SmartSwap & others) on any supported chain (Ethereum/BSC/Polygon/Avalanche/Fantom/Cronos). However, wrapped token trades will not be eligible for rewards.

Some examples (non-exhaustive) of a wrapped trade are as follows:





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