Here's the thing, Making money with cryptocurrency, 

By CryptoStore° | Kryptonite | 25 Aug 2019

Hey Friend, you can relate to "fugezi fugaazi" 

if you've seen the movie- 'The Woolf Of Wall Street


here's the thing, making money with cryptocurrency, 

isn't all "fugezi fugaazi" or based on randomness/gamble...


but over the last few years, top investors in the game have 

learned that success of a cryptocurrency is determined 

by 2 things...


problem which the coin/company solves- the idea, the vision- because it pumps life into the market...the reason why we're excited about Basic Income is because we're solving the biggest problems......hands down, bar none- poverty! 


imagine a world where everyone has a basic income, regardless of cast, religion & background! that's done by claiming 100 tokens/day..its yours Friend...and of course, we've got thousands of people in the community who are smashing it, with referring people and earning 500 tokens/referral. when we take this to blockchain, each token will be at least $1. 


And people will be amazed to see your success story.....and you'll look back to this moment when you made the decision of taking 'Basic Income' seriously and creating a substantial wealth for yourself. 


team & leadership- come on, the idea can only move heaven & earth IF its backed by a strong team......this is where we haven't compromised. bringing the best people in the industry, for marketing, business, strategy etc... 


At Basic Income, we peddle dreams...


...because when you talk about a mass movement to 

change the world


it ain't fugezi fugaazi...its strategic, its planned. 



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