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By xklept0cT | KryptoCT | 20 Apr 2021

 What is Safemoon

Selling safemoon/safemars

One of the upcoming  new crypto-currency on the market claims it will reward people who buy and hold on to the digital tokens, and those who choose to sell it on will receive a penalty.SafeMoon’s Facebook page states: “Remember, getting to the moon takes time and the longer you hold the more tokens you pick up.”

SafeMoon's smart contract taxes each transaction and charges sellers a fee of 10 percent of the amount of the cryptocurrency they’re trying to get rid of. Doing so,  rewards investors who hold on to the currency as they recieve a portion by redistributing five percent of the income from penalty charges on sellers. So this makes it a Deflationary currency.  The rest of the tax is "burned" which causing scarcity and helps create this deflationary defi token. Safemoon is a community driven token that claims to have "burned" nearly half of all tokens in existence. Safemoon is claimed by CEO John Karony @CaptHodl on twitter. The team is also fundraising to start there own exchange and have raised 700,000$ in mere days.  Safemoon can be purchased using BNB and pancake swap as well as many other ways. Today I've wrote a simple step by step guide to help get YOU to safemoon.  You can also substitute XLM for USDT directly from the start,  i just dont know exact times, prices as XLM offers people like me a "gasless" exchange. When purchasing smalll amounts. 200$ or less,  gas fees can eat nearly half of your "conversion" at times.  Will also post screenshots of me "taking some profits"  due to alot of FUD being spread around. I took my initial investment out after it trippled in 3 days time. I can say with confidence that you can withdrawal your profit/money. 

Yes 420 on purpose

Walk through

If your starting from ground zero, which some of you might be. I recommend starting with Coinbase only due to how easy and simple the interface is. Buy Stellar lumens. XLM. Youll need at around a minimum 50$ at time of writing. (Due to  minimum limit amount of safemoon you can buy)  Next go to WhiteBit and start an account using ONLY your email.  Next youll need to send yourself the stellar lumens. Youll need to click the menu in the top left and go balance. Thats where youll be depositing the stellar lumens. Make sure you find the correct one. XLM with a 🚀 rocketship symbol.   Click deposit. Copy the address or scan the QR code. To make things simple please write down the memo # you will need that later.  Now back to Coinbase, your gonna need to click on bottom and send crypto to another wallet.   If you want to send a test first. Make sure you send at LEAST 10 XLM minimum. In order to Send your XLM balance, you will need to put the WhiteBit Xlm address in coinbase. Paste the address into the top with the address box. You will now write your memo number in the memo box.   Double check first 4 letters and last 4 letters, (just to be safe) . Once you have funds you can go to the top left settings and click on Exchange. Here you can exchange/ convert your XLM to USDT. (Tether) USDT is currently the only trading pair available on Whitbit. Once you have your digital dollars its time to find safemoon/safemars. Click on trading and you will taking to a huge list of trading pairs. Dont worry you can use the search bar to locate Safemoon/Safemars.     Make sure the trading pair is correct.  SFM/USDT.  SMARS/USDT.  Purchase safemoon/safemars. Enjoy the ride 🚀🚀🚀. 



 Any of you highrisk- high rewards, Hope you guys can safely make it to the moon with me. 🚀


This article is for entertainment and informational purposes. This is not financial advice and i am not a financial advisor, invest at your own risk.

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