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By KCool | KryptoCool | 27 Mar 2021

These days it’s public knowledge that your data is being siphoned through various online platforms, your social media accounts and your day to day web searches. This data may be advertised to give you a better user experience but at what point does it become too intrusive? It’s as if someone is reading your mind or listening to your conversations. However, the crypto universe has brought us decentralized finance with a peek at the future of decentralization within our everyday life. In comes Presearch, a decentralized search engine built on Ethereum that brings the perks, works and can possibly help pay a couple bills.



Presearch, has a clean UI with a unique search mechanism. Under your search bar are small icons representing service providers ranging from Amazon to Coin Desk to Twitter. Presearch lets you choose from 117 service providers to pin on your home page for quick access. After you’ve typed in your keywords, you’re able to select any provider and it will direct you to that website while displaying results from your keywords. Let’s talk about some of the perks. Presearch pays you to search, Yes, you’ve read correctly. Presearch pays you to do something you already do on websites like Google, while not stealing your data and shilling you bias results. You’re awarded per search with 0.12 PRE, their native token that can be a great addition to your portfolio. You can also purchase the token from their website with BTC, ETH, USD or through exchanges such as Kucoin and Uniswap. With PRE tokens you can help support the network by setting up a node or bring in “foot traffic” to any website you like.


Presearch node


A node is basically a check point within the network that helps transfer data to other nodes. Anyone can set up a Presearch node but only those staking at least 1000 or more PRE tokens will receive rewards. The more PRE you stake, the more you receive. The Presearch network has a pretty simple breakdown. When you look up a word or phrase, the information is sent to a gateway node that encrypts your identity. From there, the closest, fastest and most trusted Presearch node is then selected to gather data from different resources across the web. When that Presearch node relays the information to the gateway, that chosen node is rewarded with PRE tokens.


Keyword Staking


Presearch creates a new playing field for advertising. You can use your PRE tokens you’ve stacked to advertise for your small business or your social media sites. Keyword Staking will lock up your tokens to any keywords of your choosing. You would then create an ad that links to any website you desire. When users of Presearch do their normal web surfing, the ad servers take their keywords, find the highest staked ad and then display said ad on the top of the users’ page of results. That’s right, your ad will only be displayed if you have the highest stake in those keywords. Don’t worry though. You’re given the chance to stake more PRE tokens than the previous staked ad or choose a different keyword or phrase. While your tokens are locked, they cannot be moved unless you’re willing to take down your ad first. This can be free advertisement, as after you’re done Keyword Staking, you can withdraw your tokens to your Ethereum wallet and sell them having already brought traffic to your website.


In conclusion, Presearch has added more dynamic to your typical search engine when compared with Google and DuckDuckGo. Your experience starts with shortcuts to search your favorite websites that you were headed to anyway. You can earn PRE tokens while browsing and from node staking. For those with businesses or side hustles, you can participate in Keyword Staking and promote with possible free advertising. Don’t just take my word for it, start earning per search at

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