What is Polygon?

By Kromatika | Kromatika Education | 8 May 2022

Polygon (MATIC) is a scaling platform that allows Ethereum-based blockchains to interact with one another.

They were the first to fix two of Ethereum's most serious flaws: excessive gas prices and network congestion. Ethereum is ideal because smart contracts, which will be used to develop increasingly sophisticated and feature-rich decentralized apps, are compatible with it. Because of the growing popularity of these apps, transaction costs (also known as "gas") have risen to the point that small investments are no longer viable. Polygon intervenes with a scaling solution known as "layer two," which enables quick and cheap transactions while remaining on the Ethereum blockchain and interacting with its applications.

Kromatika.Finance dApp will launch on Polygon to enable users to trade without swap fees, price slippage, and no front-running bots.
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KROMATIKA is a decentralized crypto trading protocol enabling users to trade crypto assets with ZERO swap fees, NO Front running bots, and NO Price Slippage.

Kromatika Education
Kromatika Education

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