Where is the DEX? Bitdepositary project.

By Slowmen | kriptosedat | 30 Oct 2019


Hello Moonberg Community 

We would like to make a statement regarding some important matters to our platform and its future :

Where is the DEX?

The DEX where will Moonberg will have listed the Mooncoin belongs to the Bitdepositary project.

This project is still under development and a developers team has been recently hired to design the front-end of the DEX to resemble a similar design to what Binance has. They will start working on Monday and they were hired to finish this job in maximum 40 business days. 

Where is the Krueger Project? https://stapil.com/

As we said before with the DEX this project belongs to Bitdepositary and not Moonberg, therefore it's completion depends on Bitdepositary. 

When the DEX it's ready the Krueger Project will be live. 

Where are the Moonphones?

Please take into account that we are the designers and owners of the Moonphone brand, but we do not manufacture it, we hire a third party company to do it. 

The first Moonphone has been sent from the manufacturer to us to undergo the last security and design tests from our end. 

We must ensure that the Moonphone it's up to the high standards we want them to be before releasing it to the public. 


What's the progress with the banking license?

The Banking License its a process that takes a lot of time, more than just 1 month. We are working on it and as soon it is done we will be able to use the Paymycoin.com service. 

How is tiny bot losing 3% on average per day, when it was supposedly making 1% daily before while testing without showing the trades to this day that have been done? ( not a backtested excel file, the actual trades and profit logs from the account it was running on):

The Main developer in charge of coding the Tiny bot it is currently unavailable because of personal matters, as soon he is back more info will be released about the Tiny bot. 

When will the instant bulk exchange be ready and why is the order history hidden?

The Instant Bulk Exchange should be done in a maximum of 2 weeks. 

With the existing exchange we can't implement an update for people to see all the old orders, this would take away time from the developers on doing all the other stuff that's being worked on. 

What do BDT and Moonberg users gain from paymycoin.com?

Bitdepositary will be the provider of Paymycoin, and the BDT users will have reduced fees while using this service as announced on the ICO.

We would like to say that we are working harder everyday to deliver our community the best products and that we are focused on the goals we have ahead as a company and community with our customers. 

Thanks for your support. 

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