Intellishare Coin Has Issued New Announcements About The Black Card.

By Slowmen | kriptosedat | 13 Nov 2019



How Intellishare defines itself?

Intellishare defines itself as a distributed network based on mesh technology. It reportedly customises private networks for communities and provides network support for commercial uses.



Intellishare Coin Has Issued New Announcements About The Black Card.

The Intellishare team published a new and comprehensive article on 27.10.2019.
In fact, it seems to me that this article they published took steps to bring a new window for crypto-tech enthusiasts and investors interested in both Intellishare and their own. These new developments made Intellishare investors very happy when they read the details and lit a bright light on the person. In parallel with these developments, both the team and the Intellishare investor,



Black Card provides real crypto profits.There are a number of people I would like to specifically mention who have communicated these announcements to us and provided us with more comprehensive information about Intellishare.
Intellishare official Turkey Telegram group manager sayin @nhtctnkyaa and sayin @akaypolat I want to convey many thanks to the gentlemen.




If we buy 10K in the current Turkish conditions and keep them in our wallet, they will generate an income as shown in the income statement below. By the way those who own the Black Card have more than the Chinese.
That's about $ 213 for his current $ 10K.
Duty income for Black Card holders

Level1: 14x30=420 ok times per day with every Twitter Share available

Level2: a video that says “Hello IntelliShare” together or a photo holding a paper that says “I love Intellishare " and send it to admin @inekj 1 time a day
1x10 = 300

Level3: intelligishare promote and share your own article or shoot more than 2 minutes of video and publicity on You Tube
4 times a month

Level: 4 intellishare roadmap. Shoot video by telling a team of at least 15 people and introducing 168 ine

Level5 introduce people who intend to cooperate with IntelliShare to meet with official staff. Once you reach cooperation, the reward will be handed out. Technicians, business owners, investment organizations, etc. Including, but not limited to
252 ine .

Level5: black card for each reference you make 1000 ine

level Award total 1540 monthly income.

If you do all the tasks in total, you get a very serious monthly income.
Again, this was not an investment recommendation (YDT). it's all on your initiative.abundant gains




if you want to write a paid article for your projects, contact me. [email protected]
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* It is not investment advice. The views of experts and analysts in the market have been reflected.

Contact Intellishare



Telegram Chinese Official

Telegram Official Announcement(ENG)

Telegram English Official

Telegram Indonesian Official

Telegram Turkish Official

Telegram Pakistani Official

Telegram Russian Official

Telegram Spanish Official





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