Was I hacked?

13th Februay. The BSC is popping. Not that Flowers are popping - It were the seeds of the Pump-Plants. Many DeFi Systems expanded to the Binance Smart Chain, because of the high gass fees on the Ethereum network. Thats the hipe now, thats whay im here, looking at the BSC Bridge, reading instructions of how to set up the metamask wallet for interaction with the BSC network. I read it, and for first test transaction i decided to send some ETH to the BSC network. I set up the new network settings according to the instructions. This cross-chain transaction of funds will be the first cross-chain interaction for me. Cross-chain transactions are being widely implemented in last month, the implementation of the Bridging of funds from Ethereum network to other networks (like BSC, like TRON, like TELOS) was pushed into action, swiftly implemented and embraced by the users - the TVL on those networks is growing like crazy!

As much im driven by the hunger for the unknown, im also cautious. The Binance academy instructions were not sufficiently clear for my understanding, so i got some help from KYC2020X and his instructions. I read it. Then again and step by step i moved from the starting place for bridging the funds: BSC Bridge. Selecting the funds, selecting the Network From, selecting the network To... And the transfer succeeded. The funds on my wallet (when connected to Ethereum Mainnet) were gone. I switched to Binance Smart Chain - and the funds were now visible in my metamask wallet (same wallet same adress, just connected to another network)... Looks complicated - when you do the steps yourself you can see it is easy. The process was tested successfully;"Waw i am a Bank!"

The folowing day i felt i have to transfer more funds to the BSC. There was staking possible with little fees, transactions costing less then $1, so i decided to moove some of the Yearn there, to stake it on beefy.finance. Like the day before, i started the procedure with surfing to the BSC Bridge. I went through steps without taking too much care - its actualy all automated, not lots of room for failure... still a fail can happen! And it did happen to me. When transfering the funds, somehow the YFI landed on some address on ETHereum network instead on my Metamask account that is connected to BSC. The blokchain is a transparent world, so i can see the funds, the steps i took are all recorded, still i cant reach the funds, or revert the action. In hope for solution/help/clarification i opened a a request ticket at the Binance service... after more then a week of waiting no response. First three days i put the blame on me - that i was too fast, not cautious enough. But then i did some more transfers to BSC, and got the feeling for it. When reviewing my steps of the failed BSC Bridge attempt, i came to conclusion i didnt do anything wrong - the mistake had happened automaticaly, somehow. How? Some days past, there were some news about hacking attempts... Still i did believe the failed transaction was some kind of unintentional mistake (or by me or by the BSC bridge system...). Then one evening the Internet connection went down, next day the laptop i was working with, shut off and didnt turn on anymore. Now i quickly set up a Raspberry PI 4 and connected to the web via my phone. A degen cant be offline toolong! I remembered about an email describing a hack on metamask just recently and dived into the matter, i read the postmortem of the hack and checked out the youtube interview. Hm. What has hapopened to me could be a hack. Maybe all the glitches that happened (the failure in the network-connectivity/the laptop deep-sleep) are not connected. But the loss of YFI could be a hack. How can i investigate it? Towards Who should i reach to, when exposed to a Hack? Some Hackers / Devs im folowing on twitter, or ask the velotoken chat - community im part of, or the master of the code and auditing the Farming Lord?

Today I don't care so much about the loss of funds. I am being exploited over and over again all the time. It doesn't hurt to get rekt. It hurts not knowing what was going on... Seeing things clearly, that's what i am aspiring towards.


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Im researching the crypto-eco system, paving new ways for integration of the developing tehnologies (Dapps, Blokchan, trading of crypto assets, NFTs, new banking and insurance etc.) in real life.

from DeFi into NFT and back to reality
from DeFi into NFT and back to reality

Researching the Crypto-ecosystem and possibilities, studying the blockchain technology and integration of dapps in real life. am interested in: Community building. New media education. Research of decentralized systems. Art market, blockchain and NFTs.

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