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By insidetrader | Kriptobi AMA Series | 5 Apr 2021

Kriptobi, one of the most active groups in Turkey on cryptocurrencies, hosted COO Linus Chee of the NetVRk project on March 11, 2021. In the first phase of our event, the NetVRk project was introduced to our community members with group managers’ questions and our guest’s answers. In the second phase, 3 questions collected via Twitter were asked to our guest, and in the third phase, the ‘live Q&A’ section was completed. In the second and third stages, our community members, whose questions were answered, were rewarded with a gift worth 10$ at the time of reward distribution. If you also want to participate in future AMA events and win while being informed, you can join the Kriptobi community.


Stage 1 (Questions of our group managers, answers of our guest)

Question 1: Thank you for accepting our invitation. First of all, could you please introduce yourself?
Linus Chee: Sure thing! Hi my name is Linus Chee, COO of NetVRk. I handle the day-to-day management of many aspects of the company, including art direction, design, and development being my formal education is that of entertainment design for games and movies. Nice to meet you all!

Question 2: Could you give brief information about what NetVRk is? What does he aim to do and solve in this sector?
Linus Chee: NetVRk is a social, virtual reality platform made to give any user the ability to create, share, experience, and monetize their own created content and experiences. We’ve created specially designed VR tools for creation which is way more intuitive than what’s available in desktop 3D software or game engines. Imagine Roblox but at turned up to 11/10.

The main feature we have is that our platform is based on the Unreal engine, which is very adaptable and high performance. We also are able to utilize the blockchain to give users and players ownership of in-game assets. In-game assets, including land, avatars, and buildings, are represented as NFTs. These can then be sold or traded on the open market, such as marketplaces like

Our competitive advantages are based on our strong team and their diverse backgrounds in the crypto, gaming, and film industries. We’re able to successfully utilize each of these strengths to make a killer product.

Question 3: What products does NetVRk have?
Linus Chee:
NetVRk has a multitude of products, including a seamless and easy-to-operate asset builder. This will allow users to design a wide arrange of different assets inside the platform, which can then be minted as NFTs.

Question 4: Can you share with us your tokenomics? About the $NETVRK token, can you tell us about its total supply, availability, and where we can buy it?
Linus Chee: Our whitepaper details our tokenomics. You can download it here. Our market cap at TGE will be $806,250. You will be able to purchase our tokens both through Ferrum's presale, as well as public sale via POOLZ. There will also be a whitelisting lottery announced shortly, so if you are not able to participate in either Ferrum or POOLZ, you can still purchase the token.

Question 5: Finally, can you give us some information about your roadmap and how #NetVRk has progressed so far? What awaits us in the future?
Linus Chee: Our roadmap includes strategic partnership integration, that will help NetVRk operate flawlessly. Being over 4 years in the making, NetVRk is making huge strides in becoming a solid product, with the ability to support a social creation platform that can scale, and allow users to create without any coding knowledge. In the future, we will be announcing more partnerships with very big names in the crypto space. We will also be announcing celebrity partnerships, so stay tuned!


Stage 2 (Twitter users' questions, our guest’s answers)

Twitter Question 1: Community support is one of the biggest aspects of a project’s success. Most projects have programs that interact with their users. Do you have any special plans to attract and expand the community and improve the user experience? (from @HoaHunh20569615)
Linus Chee: We’ll be working on initiatives that make it easy for the community to report issues to us, gather feedback and suggestions, and create a place for everyone to gather in a safe and friendly environment. We’ve started with discord and telegram but will open up multiple other channels of communication and other options to help build these initiatives.

Twitter Question 2: What strategy will you implement to bring non-crypto-natives into your ecosystem? How do you keep a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of your token? (from @benzymaxs)
Linus Chee: We will maintain simplicity to our interface, game mechanics, and creation tools, to ensure that even children can easily use the system. We will focus on the features that crypto can make better, not just for the sake of crypto. We view crypto as a tool to improve systems. The balance is achieved through creating value.

Twitter Question 3: 
The vast majority of Crypto projects are built just for the sole purpose of amassing wealth for themselves. So, I want to know the value you aim to add to the crypto industry that will bring greater abundance to the industry? (from @semogaberkahXD)
Linus Chee: The value we seek is based on bridging the virtual world and the real world. Especially with the COVID outbreak, people are relegated to the home. The opportunity offered to us through a social platform, like NetVRk, which can be accessed via PC, VR headset, and mobile, is that people can meet, discuss, create, collaborate, and build something that can be shared with the entire world, all from the comfort of their home. And this can never be taken away from them since it is based on the blockchain and NFTs.


Stage 3 (Live questions of community members, our guest’s answers)

Live Question 1: Without proper marketing and capital infusion, the project dies, how do you convince us you have adequate marketing power and capital to push this project to the top?
Linus Chee: We have several large capital funds and strategic investors that are backing us, to see this project through fruition. Some of the largest backers in the crypto space are invested in us succeeding.

Liva Question 2: How did the NetVRk idea come about? How did you discover the existence of problems that you focused on solving?
Linus Chee: With projects like Sandbox, Minecraft, and Roblox, we aim to push the envelope further. NetVRk brings the next level to interactivity with the benefit of a social platform. The blockchain helps create an environment where creation and creativity are rewarded. Passive income through staking with NetVRk will be easy and seamless. Also, by owning land in NetVRk, you will be able to sell it, lease it, construct a storefront for e-commerce, put up advertising on it, and much more. Tune into our announcements to know when our land sale will be live on!

Live Question 3: How did the NetVRk idea come about? How did you discover the existence of problems that you focused on solving?
Linus Chee: Passive income through staking with NetVRk will be easy and seamless. Also, by owning land in NetVRk, you will be able to sell it, lease it, construct a storefront for e-commerce, put up advertising on it, and much more. Tune into our announcements to know when our land sale will be live on. As with any staking project, there will be different pools to choose from. Longer-term pools will offer higher returns. Shorter-term pools can be withdrawn in a quicker time frame but will have lower yields.

Live Question 4: NetVRk has a lot of use cases, so can you share with us, what are you most focused on and What brings the highest revenue for NetVRk?
Linus Chee: The best use cases are based on business and education. We envision companies holding conferences and business meetings live on our platform. Guests will have custom avatars that can type and speak, as well as present in an interactive manner. Education use cases are numerous. For instance, online classes can be held in NetVRk, and teachers can demonstrate lessons not only through a whiteboard but also in an interactive manner using a variety of toolsets. Our newest partner VersoView is an innovator in the education sector.

The highest revenue stream would likely be revolving around business and consumer commerce, as well as land commerce.

Live Question 5: Can you tell me some features that you like best about Netvrk so that it can compete with other competitors? What are you most confident about for your platform?
Linus Chee: Looking at all of our competitors, none of them have an actual meaningful VR or even PC user base that is non-crypto traders, although their platforms are solid. The problem is that their VR experience and editing tools are coming as a secondary priority for revenue-making reasons. Their strategy was solely to generate funds for the VR development which is ironically the most important part! However, NetVRk is almost 5 years in the development of the VR aspects of the actual product, so we are coming out to the market now with the most advanced VR creation tool.

Live Question 6: What areas is your team focused on right now? What is your plan for further adoption by users and investors?
Linus Chee: We are focused on building strong strategic partnerships, as well as working on making our core product the best it can be.
Our plan for further adoption by users and investors is to continue to board high-value partners and build a virtual community for the leaders in the crypto sphere. Special attention to detail for the user experience will make NetVRk an attractive place for users to socialize and build, as well as create, buy and sell via interactive storefronts. We will be announcing more big partnerships very soon, which we are excited to share with the Kriptobi community. 😄


After this answer, we came to the end of the 3rd stage and the whole event. We thank our guest for not breaking our kind offer and for joining our community. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Telegram.

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