What is CoinNess? And Who Wants Some Free CNNS?

By Yasin | Kripto | 9 Oct 2019


CoinNess is a platform that helps you to make more accurate decisions on your crypto investments, which is dedicated to accommodating every development in the world of cryptography and blockchains, accommodates transaction information for 24 hours, intelligently observes and sends alerts, reads and interprets real-time price information with professional data.

CoinNess, first published in Chinese on September 4, 2017, aims to bring the news from various platforms to the fastest way to reach more audiences. CoinNess currently operates in over 150 countries and has close to 4 million users.

Now, Android and iOS applications are available and CoinNess is constantly developing and continues to develop since 2017. Currently in the application; breaking crypto news, detailed information about cryptocurrency market volumes, stock exchanges and cryptocurrencies, and strategies and forecasts of CoinNess analysts.

CoinNess is powered by a highly-skilled tech team of more than 90 senior engineers who account for more than 60% of all its employees. Furthermore, CoinNess has acquired investments from Huobi, ZhenFund, Shunwei, and FreesFund. The app has been developed into a multi-language, comprehensive investing instrument with an intelligent market monitor and quantitative analysis-based investing guidance.

What is CNNS Token?

One of the best things about using the platform is its own ERC-20 based CNNS Token. As you share the news and strategies for coin prices from your social media account, you earn CNNS. Also if you make a member with the reference system, you will be rewarded with CNNS. You can also subscribe to the price analysis of successful analysts and traders in the market section of the application with the CNNS you have accumulated. CNNS is currently listed on more than ten exchanges, including Huobi, Gate.io and Hotbit and CNNS's 24-hour trading volume exceeding $ 1 million.


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