Top Whales Picks in June ($LEND, $REN, $ZRX)

By Yasin | Kripto | 26 Jun 2020

According to the crypto analytics company Santiment, whales; aggressively buys Ren (REN), Aave (LEND) and 0x (ZRX) coins. As is known, Santiment uses a metric that measures the amount of token held by off-exchange accounts also known as whales.

A statement from the company on the matter:

A few weeks ago, we presented you an article stating that 3 ERC-20 tokens have been heavily accumulated by whales. The price movement that has taken place since then; LEND 130%, REN 120%, ZRX 10%. We don't know good or bad, but the crypto world is still the playground of whales.


On the other hand, Santiment, which is based on three of the popular metrics, expects a slight increase or a neutral situation for Bitcoin in the short term, while Ethereum is again seeing a neutral performance in a short time. Santiment stated that two major cryptocurrencies had a stagnant month, while some altcoins were separated from both BTC and ETH. The company said in a statement on the matter:

It is clear that in June, Bitcoin and Ethereum had a very quiet time. Altcoins, led by DeFi projects, show that they can have a value without the help of the first two cryptocurrencies.

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