Opera is the First Major Browser to Allow Bitcoin Payments!
Opera is the First Major Browser to Allow Bitcoin Payments!

By Yasin | Kripto | 23 Oct 2019

Web Browser Opera has begun to make Bitcoin payments. The company said in a press release on October 21 that 350 million users of Opera can now send and receive BTC via the browser. Opera browser also informed that e-commerce sites can be purchased with cryptocurrency.

There are also Bitcoin (BTC) and Tron (TRX) wallets in the browser, so users can track cryptocurrencies they own.

Charles Hamel, head of Opera's cryptocurrency department, said:

We believe that opening our browser to more blockchains, including Bitcoin, is the logical next step to making our solution more relevant to anyone who has a Bitcoin crypto wallet and would like to do things with their cryptocurrencies beyond just keeping them in an account.

Many features were already released in the Beta version of the browser during the summer season. As it is remembered, the first cryptocurrency allowed in the browser was Ethereum (ETH) as of February.


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