My New Publish0x Prototype : PublishNANO (High Gas Fee Solution)

By Yasin | Kripto | 9 Sep 2020


As we all know, the density of the ERC-20 network is increasing day by day, especially with the shining star of DeFi platforms. Gas Fees reached level of $30 - $40 in the network, which came to the point of clogging from time to time. It has become impossible to transfer small amounts due to interruption paid to make a simple transfer or swap transaction.

We saw the most concrete example of this in Publish0x, which was unable to make payments to its users last week. Although the team increased the minimum payment amount by 2 times in the previous weeks, they could not pay on time this week due to the high gas fee.

Unfortunately, the high gas fee problem is not a problem that can be resolved in the near future. Moreover, it is stated that even upgrade to ETH 2.0 will not solve this problem.

Publish0x team announced in a statement that it will pay users once a month, not every week, by increasing the payment frequency by 4 times. But it seems that this is not a solution either and the financial burden for the team will be too much.

So what can be done?

My personal opinion; I think the right move to make at the moment is to make payments with NANO. Because NANO is fee-less, it will not bring a financial burden to the team, and since transfers occur in seconds, users will quickly receive their labor compensation. Moreover, if the team goes the way of transferring the savings it will make by starting using NANO to users, I think it will be a great incentive for people and it will improve the quality of the platform.


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