Chainlink & FLETA Develop a System For Medical Professionals

Chainlink & FLETA Develop a System For Medical Professionals

By Yasin | Kripto | 27 Jun 2020


Chainlink, which comes to mind when it comes to decentralized Oracles, is a cure for healthcare workers by combining their forces with Blockchain-based project FLETA. 

The high performance public blockchain platform FLETA, which provides software developers with all the tools necessary to produce innovative products and services, has partnered with the decentralized oracle network Chainlink, which enables smart contracts to connect to off-chain data, web APIs and traditional payment options.

FLETA will integrate Chainlink's decentralized Oracles network into Blockchain to create a reliable data system and enable healthcare professionals to easily take advantage of this data system. Data from patients can be processed in real time, thanks to FLATA's Clinical Research Data Logging Platform, based on Blockchain, with Chainlink Oracles. This initiative will allow doctors, researchers and patients to upload clinical data on the Blockchain. In addition, patient health records shared in real time can be stored for use in many medical research. Many studies will not doubt data accuracy.

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