World of Dragons - Player's Choice - Pudding Edition 1.0.1

World of Dragons - Player's Choice - Pudding Edition 1.0.1

By kreezxil | Kreezxil's Korner | 25 Mar 2020

Do not update to this it is only for EARL OF PUDDING


  • All Thaumcraft as it is an abandoned project with no fixes for its server crashing bugs, great for single player but not servers.
  • abyssalcraft
  • animania
  • astral sorcery due to techguns conflicts
  • constructs armory because it doesn't recognize the latest tinkers
  • tinkers defense for same reasons
  • slashblade for crashing server
  • grand economy stuff, as it is not needed, pack too large, it's imploding on itself
  • exnihilo creatio as you will be mining anyways, you don't need it
  • excompressum for the same reason
  • you have backpacks so you don't need iron-backpacks
  • my own extra w/e mods
  • moar tinkers
  • ranged pumps as it is one of the most useless mods
  • without abyssalcraft we don't need no-lava-bucketing
  • binnies mods, just felt right
  • fossils and archeology, we don't need dinos too
  • armory expansion
  • charset mods
  • cosmetic armor reworked
  • foamfix
  • roleplaycraft
  • stackie, rustic, sample
  • just enough ids, because we need to choke on stuff to actually find the errors
  • farseek & streams, and other mods, I just went crazy removing stuff, it's working now




Dear Mr. Pudding, we can add mods back, start here, this will be the baseline. However, with what we have here you will likely be more than happy because what you wanted is definitely in it.


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