World of Dragons 21.8.265 The Ice and Fire Update!

By kreezxil | Kreezxil's Korner | 14 Apr 2020


Version: 21.8.265

Ice and Fire updated, as well as these other mods. Lessons learned since the wipe. Having mythological bosses at 10k out causes server lag because players that want their flesh will travel there. This is a huge lag caused by exploration on a server, accept in single player tho. As result this limit zone now begins at 3k. Existing explored areas on the server or your world will remain unaffected unless you wipe. not really necessary. Also, you can start a minecolony at 800 out instead of at 2k. 

Because of this collapse and in order to make sure that tier 1 dragon is a hard af to kill, progression for mobs occurs every 50 blocks out that you go.

A bug was discovered that when you exceed level 231 your xp flips to the negative. This is because Mine and Slash is using integers and not doubles or floats. Therefore the maximum player level is now 200 instead of 1000. The bug is reported.

What you can expect from the Ice and Fire update

-Added Hydras, monstrous, poisonous, multi-headed snakes that can only be killed using fire.

-Added Dread Liches, rare necromancers who spawn in cold biomes

-Added Dread Beasts, Thralls, Ghouls, Knights, and Scuttlers, all servants of the Dread Lich

-Added Mausoleum structure

-Added Dreadstone and Dreadwood blocks

-Added custom code events for ice and fire mobs griefing

-Added wandering cyclops spawns

-Added config for explosive dragon breath

-Sirens no longer lock player’s vision

-Made all mobs’ idle animations smoother

-Bumped default troll spawn rate

-Fixed dragons waking up and detecting surface players

-Fixed riding dragons causing armor to go invisible

-Fixed odd player rendering bugs and all render conflicts with other player model mods

-Fixed dragon armor not rendering properly on dragons

-Fixed Ice dragon crashing in twilight forest dimension

-Fixed dragons not mating

-Fixed issue with LivingDropsEvent not firing

-Fixed piston crashing Dragon Forge

-Fixed death worm looking crash

-Fixed hippogryph inventory crash

-Fixed pixie jar crash

-Fixed misspelling on title splash text

-Fixed crash caused by EntityDragonFireCharge and EntityPlayerMP

-Fixed crashes related to internal core mod

-Fixed OneProbe error on dedicated servers

-Fixed myrmex swarm crash

-Fixed mymrex not putting items in cocoons

-Fixed undescriptive text for baby dragon dismount

-Fixed tick loop crash relating to chests

-Fixed RenderModCapes causing lag

-Fixed dragons untaming

-Fixed dragon horn disappearing before releasing dragon

-Fixed giant death worm shrinking

-Fixed arrow cheesing with sleeping dragons

-Fixed OP easter egg integration

-Fixed escorting dragons not flying until way too far away

-Fixed crash with myrmex royal

-Fixed hippogryph and amphithere floating while not moving wings while being ridden

-Updated chinese translations



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