World of Dragons - 20.0.257

World of Dragons - 20.0.257

By kreezxil | Kreezxil's Korner | 16 Mar 2020


Version: 20.0.257

Holy Canoli!!!! The major version number just updated! Yeppers, that's because the main product world began to show signs of extreme wear and tear and we had to wipe it. Servers that have the same exact cadre of players the respect the server financing won't have to wipe. However, I do recommend a wipe.

FTB Quests has been rolled back to build 237 from 238. 238 had a bug in it that didn't actually become prevalent until FTB LIB begain to updated in the last month cause quests to be infinitely repeatable that should not have been otherwise.


  • Tree Choppin

Roll Back



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