The Seilican Experience 2.4.5
The Seilican Experience 2.4.5

By kreezxil | Kreezxil's Korner | 27 Feb 2020


Version: 2.4.5

Thanks to flyingbluesnake who reported that power was absent from the pack for powering up the Refined Storage System. Grabbed the updates. New mods other than for power have not been added. That won't happen until Seilican signs off on them.

Added Look at That which replaces Hwyla. Main advantage is that it is only for Forge which will make future update detection easier as I don't have to check if it was a fabric update. However, a huge plus is this mod also adds a custom sign that can do way more than the normal sign.



  • Hwyla



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Kreezxil's Korner
Kreezxil's Korner

While Kreezxil mostly only posts about his mods and mod packs, he does post here thoughts about religion, politics, other games not just Minecraft, and the occasional rare topic.

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