Cobbleblock 2.10.19

Cobbleblock 2.10.19

By kreezxil | Kreezxil's Korner | 29 Apr 2020


Version: 2.10.19

Changed the front screen menu and gave it a more polished starting animation. Also patched some quest lines and the journal that explains why you woke up in a geode. Changed out CustomMainMenu for FancyMenu.

A note about updates. There are a ton of updates for the pack, but right now, no I will not update those mods. Yesterday when I first wrote this there were about 80 updates registered. But then a strange error began popping up that sadly the stack trace and the latest log didn't point to the issue. For a pack this old I don't feel motivated enough to spend the next 2 days solid figuring out which mod became badly coded enough that it caused the problem. I'll wait and see if the changes/tweaks I'm doing today will bring new attention to the pack.

Truth is I'd rather spend time on tweaking and fine tuning World of Dragons.

New forward facing content:

The start menu appears on this graphic in game.

This video appears right before the menu appears.


Removed More Refined Storage as it was conflicting with FancyMenu's control of the front screen and there was no config to disable that in MRS.

Noted that ThaumCraft puts crystals in the stony overworld and removed it, also the mod is abandoned so no need to let it hang around anymore. As in World of Dragons i'm tired of having to tell people that for when they report issues for TC.

The mod author for PlusTIC got perma-banned recently, so no need to keep showing love to that mod or any of his other mods. No sense in rewarding evil.



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