See you in Paris @EthCC July 19-21 and other news

More amazing updates in the past month for!

  • We’ll be speakers in EthCC 5 and EthVC,
  • Introducing new core team members
  • Our data model for Verifiable Credentials was merged on Ceramic,
  • Krebit early adopters keep growing and getting verified on Testnet
  • New Branding and UX on the way

See you in Paris @EthCC July 19-21! 🥖🇫🇷💙

Our talk at EthCC was approved for: “The Credential-Powered DAO and the Future of Work: A walkthrough on how Verifiable Credentials and dIDs are making Web3 Talent identities more meritocratic, accurate and privacy-preserving, showcasing practical use cases of the protocol.”

We’ve also been selected for pitching at EthVC July 19th to 50+ Web3 investors looking forward to learn more about our reputation platform and community!

Introducing new core team members

Following our privacy-preserving values, we are putting together a great pseudonymous team for making Krebit the preferred reputation platform for all Web3:

piraseligman.eth and texasfr.eth have joined alerios.eth as Krebit co-founders, the former is a Growth Hacker and the latter a Talent Capital manager. They’ve all worked together with in the past on both innovation and engineering projects.

We’ve also onboarded a javascript full stack developer that joined the team as freelance contractor for the Frontend development, and a freelance UX designer. We’re very excited to have all of them board, thanks for believing in us and Krebit!

VC Data-Model merged on Ceramic

The Krebit verifiable credential data-model has been added to Ceramic’s Data-Model Registry.

It was a little more than 2 months of having open discussions with the community to find the proper schema that can accommodate to practical use cases and still be compatible with the W3C spec. This opens the way for having all Ceramic applications sharing the same schema and data streams for user’s credentials, thus achieving the promise of getting verified once, and re-use everywhere!

If you’re a Web3 developer looking for ideas to add identity+reputation to your dApps, please take a look at the model in github and the Krebit docs, and share them with our community!

Early adopters of VCs growing on Testnet

Following the great results of Gitcoin GR13, where more +$19K were raised from more than 5,000 contributors, there was a spike of +500 new twitter followers and Discord members joining our community.

And even more important for polishing the protocol: the very first +200 people tested Claiming Discord ID with Krebit’s Web3 Verifiable Credentials on Testnet.

New Branding and UX on the way

As part of the Pygma LATAM Startup Acceleration program, we’ve been iterating very fast on our solution-market fit, starting with re-focusing on the problem we are solving: How can we unlock reputation from centralized platforms, for global talent, so they can earn by merit and keep their privacy?

We’re sure the results of this process are going to be worth the wait for our canary launch, which will be just in time for the EthCC 5, and we have big surprises on UX, branding and marketing coming, so stay tuned, and don’t forget to support our grant on Gitcoin GR14, every contribution helps in building a public good reputation platform for a solarpunk future of work!

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Cheers! Krebit Team

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