New KYC (beta), and Github Credentials!

gm all! It’s been only a few days since our launch and already a lot of exciting news and updates happening in the Krebiters professional community:

  • 🎉 More than 800 Ceramic streams have been created through Krebit the first 3 weeks!
  • 🧭 New!: Explore Krebited profiles.
  • 📲 New!: Login using Wallet Connect.
  • 🔓 New!: Share encrypted credentials with the Lit modal.

New credential types:

  • 🔞 Age>18.
  • 🪪 beta KYC (Legal Name, Government ID).
  • 🛠️ Github credentials per repo language.
  • 🏰 community credentials.

TL;DR; you can now claim Github, KYC (beta) and credentials in your Reputation Passport and explore top Krebited profiles

New Credential Types!

🪪 beta KYC (Adulthood, Legal Name, Government Id)

Ok, hear me out:

What if we could do the KYC process just one time every few months, and mint just the proof of its encrypted credential, that could then be used anywhere for token gating, adult games/content and DeFi risk mitigation, but… only the people or entities that I choose can actually read my private data? Well, that is exactly what we just released:

Minting KYC Credentials in Krebit id Minting KYC Credentials in Krebit id  

Here’s how it works:

  • You start the verification directly with a KYC provider (Krebit is not in the middle, we don’t read or store your documents data)
  • Once you complete the process you encrypt with Lit protocol and sign the verification Id from the provider with your wallet, then send it to one of the krebit nodes
  • The node checks your self-signed claim and verifies with the provider that the verification process is complete and the minimal required data matches, then it issues the Credential.
  • Your credential is added to your off-chain Reputation Passport in the Ceramic network
  • From there you can either present the credential off-chain, or mint a non-transferable NFT (stamp it), or, in our next release, you’ll also be able to mint an anonymous ZKP badge of it.

🧭Explore Krebited profiles!

Now you can search and filter both Web2 and Web3 professionals based on Krebited (pre-vetted) credentials that prove their experience and skills.

Explore Krebited (pre-vetted) Profiles in Web3 Explore Krebited (pre-vetted) Profiles in Web3

For example, a developer could import their github (web2) reputation for a specific programming language with a Krebit Credential and join different Guild communities with them.

This opens the door for web3 recruiters to combine Krebit’s verifiable credentials with role assignments and define job applicants conditions on bounty platforms such as Dework and Spect.

The best part? no one needs to know in what company or secret project the developer learned to code in that programming language, it can remain private, the only thing that matters is that the github repository owned by the developer has some reputation, like number of stars or forks, etc.

🏰 Composable Roles based on credentials

Furthermore, you can also get a Verifiable credential from your roles, which can then be used to get access to even more complex roles that expand beyond a single community or platform:

Minting Roles as Krebit credentials Minting Roles as Krebit credentials


What's next?

We’ll continue focusing on letting Web2 talent being able to import their reputation so they don’t have to start from scratch in Web3. Some of the credential types we’re thinking are platforms like Dribble, LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, Twitch, Reddit, etc.

At the same time we’ll be adding the option for Issuers to start creating native web3 credentials and reputation too! So, as always, stay tuned, and start building your Krebiter Reputation!  


Alejandro from Krebit  

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