is Live on Polygon!

Hi all! This is Alejandro, Krebit’s founder, and wanted to share with you that today is a very special day for us! and even more special since the Devcon VI is being hosted this week in our home country, Colombia 🇨🇴 :)  

  • ☑️🆔 is live on the Polygon network!
  • 🪪What’s on the first release?
  • ⏭️What’s Next?

TL;DR; you can now claim off-chain, encrypted Krebit credentials and mint them as an NFT in Polygon! is live on the Polygon network!

The road that took us here took a while, and as a builder, being consistent is hard, but it is a must. I started Krebit in early 2021 with the release of a yellowpaper were I was hoping to lay out ideas for starting a Web3 of trust based on Decentralized Reputation, and a lot has happened since then:

With a very basic MVP we got lucky to attract grant donors and build a small but talented team to bring to live Krebit’s vision of having both privacy and utility in the space. 

We’re lucky to have found valuable building blocks and partners along the way, like CeramicOrbis, and Lit among others. Now we’re very proud to announce that is live!

What's on the first release?

  • Reputation should be portable, not something you earn on a platform and cannot take with you. With Krebit you can aggregate both web2 and web3 reputation into off-chan verifiable credentials, that can then be verified on-chain.
  • You can now go to and start claiming your first credentials for personhood, community and work experience, we would appreciate all your feedback and questions at this early stage.


  • You are in full control of which credentials are public and which ones are encrypted using the Lit protocol:


  • After getting the credential you can optionally mint a stamp for it on-chain, that will give you both KRB erc20 and erc1155 NFT tokens:
  • These credential NFTs are non-transferable, and will give you access to many standard token-gating protocols like LitGuild.xyzSnapshot, etc.
  • Don’t have MATIC? no worries!, we will initially cover mint gas expenses so you can enjoy collecting your credentials with ease.


What's Next?

We’re very excited to see what projects are build with Krebit, some uses cases come to mind:   

  • role assignments
  • Age restricted content
  • Basic KYC on-chain
  • Wallet recovery based on credentials and Lit PKP.

Thanks again to all gitcoin grant donors who believed is us, we are working tirelessly to make your money’s worth as a Reputation Passport public good.  

Kind regards,

Alerios and the Krebit Team

Stay Tuned!  


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