Krebit Update #1

Hi everyone!

First of all, thanks again for all the great support during the last Gitcoin GR12 round! ( it was very encouraging to see so many people interested in decentralized identity and reputation.

Now that the holidays are behind, just wanted to give a first update about progress in Krebit's development the last couple of weeks:

1. krb-contracts: First step has been updating and making public Krebit's code. We've been adding more test cases to the solidity contracts, and adding the OpenZepelling Upgradable Proxy support. Git repo:

2. EIP712-VC: One of the main things that have changed since Krebit's testnet was launched back in August last year, is the new EIP712 Verifiable Credentials W3C draft (, which is very similar to what Krebit was doing in the beginning, so now we're updating the schemas and datamodels to use this schema. Git repo:

3. Ceramic datamodels: Another thing that has changed in the past few months is the Ceramic tooling that we use for DID sovereign data ( They now provide an easier way to create and share datamodels for other Ceramic applications to re-use, so we're also updating the schemas and submitting them for approval to be added to the main Ceramic Datamodel Registry. Git repo:

4. Krebit Protocol and DAO: Krebit is an Identity verification protocol & DAO for expanding the #Web3 of Trust in the #metaverse. On this phase of the project, the focus will be on creating tools for many DApps to be able to use the Krebit Protocol for Identity verification, and preparing the launch of the Krebit DAO using an NFT airdrop with different voting power based on roles in the protocol: i.e. verifier, ambassador, sponsor, investor, holder (more to come on this)

Next steps:

- Updating the KRB token subgraph with the new contracts.
- Updating the Testnet dapp with thew new version of the code.
- Prepare the Krebit DAO launch.
- Include Krebit identity verification on other Ceramic apps.
- Choose a L2 solution (suggestions welcome!)

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Alejandro from Krebit


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