Krebit Gitcoin Grant appreciation NFT

Thank you all for your continuous support for Krebit on the Gitcoin grant rounds! we received extra contributions in GR14, even when the markets had the darkest of hours :)

Your contribution will continue to be used to help unlock identity and reputation for global talent trough verifiable-credentials. WAGMI and we are so grateful for your generosity.

We have prepared a special NFT for all of our Gitcoin contributos (yes, even if you contributed as early as GR11, GR12 or GR13!) as a token of our appreciation.

Visit to claim your NFT and tweet us at our new handle @KrebitID to show it off!

All contributor wallet addresses have been allowlisted. If you are unable to claim your NFT, please reach out to the discord server for support.

We look forward to continue bringing of vision of becoming the preferred public platform to verify the reputation of talent in the Future of Work.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us,

Krebit Team

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Krebit - Your Web3 Reputation Passport
Krebit - Your Web3 Reputation Passport

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