Discord roles based on Krebit Verifiable Credentials and other Updates

Once again sharing the updates in the past month for Krebit.id!

  • Getting Discord roles based on Krebit Verifiable Credentials.
  • First Security Audit report.
  • Second AMA call coming up.
  • Joined Pygma startup acceleration program.

Discord roles based on Verifiable Credentials!

As promised, we’ve delivered the first of many integrations to enhance the Web3 experience using dID and Verifiable Credentials!

In order to test using the discord bot, here is the general process in TESTNET:

Step #1 Click the this link to claim your discord identity in a Krebit dID (do it once, re-use everywhere!).

Step #2 Get your Discord claim verified by a Credential Issuer on https://testnet.krebit.id/ (If you’ve done this already, go to step 3 directly)

Step #3 Use the “/verify did” command to get a role based on your dID verifiable credentials as mapped by server admins.


Video demo: How to Claim Discord ID with Krebit's Web3 Verifiable Credentials Video demo: How to Claim Discord ID with Krebit's Web3 Verifiable Credentials 

Wen can I add this to my Discord server?

Once we complete the KRB-node development and launch on Gnosis chain, we’ll also release tutorials for Discord server admins to easily integrate the bot, stay tuned!

First Security Audit Results

We got the final report from our first security audit, performed by InterFi. The results were positive, and the contract looks in good shape for the canary launch on Gnosis chain:

Check InterFi Audits 🛡InterFi Audits 🛡 tweet post about it: https://twitter.com/InterFiNetwork/status/1513750349135290370

More to come!

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Cheers! Krebit Team

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