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Addressing UI/UX Challenges in Velocore

By kostkond | Finance Freedom FTW | 15 May 2024

I have recently visited and used the DEX services provided by Velocore and while it offers a smooth experience swapping tokens on various networks like Telos, Linea, and zkSync, there are some notable disadvantages in their UI/UX design.

One common issue is the lack of intuitive navigation and organization, which can make it challenging for users to find the information or features they need quickly. The main page focuses too much into introducing partners and capabilities, and assumes that the user shall click on the APP-related buttons upon page landing. This design lacks consistency across different subdomains, leading to a disjointed user experience.

Another drawback is the absence of clear instructions or guidance for users, especially those new to cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi) concepts, which could hinder adoption and usability. Since Velocore offers an innovative product in DeFi sector, it should provide a section which introduces users first to its core concepts, and afterwards provide a deep understanding of its benefits towards the competition.

Last but not least, I noticed that websites suffer from performance issues or slow loading times, particularly during periods of high traffic or network congestion, impacting user satisfaction and overall usability. In my opition, all these UI/UX challenges should be addressed so as to improve the effectiveness of the Velocore into attracting new users and retaining the existing ones.

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