Why do I hold cryptoactives: SGT, UTN, DROP and Candy? #ShowYourPortfolio

By KOS500 | KOS500 | 7 Jul 2019

Hello everyone, dear readers, subscribers and guests of my blog! 

Today, as part of the #ShowYourPortfolio action, I would like to share with you some of the assets that I hold, and also try to tell you about the advantages and prospects that I see when storing these tokens.


UnicornGO project - Candy token


Briefly about the UnicornGO project, the tokens of which I hold:

UnicornGO is a smart crypto-collection business strategy in which you can buy and sell Unicorns, as well as pair them and display champions for tournaments.
In the game, there are features such as:
- buying and selling unicorns on the market;
- breeding of rare and strong unicorns;
- battles in tournaments and in battles;
- production of in-game assets;
- joining clans and getting titles.

In-game assets of the game, it is just:

Candy coin - the main in-game currency. Cryptocurrency ERC-20 token (the token migrated from the Ethereum blockchain to the EthereumZero blockchain)

Mega candy - booster that reduces recovery time after mating and tournaments (this asset is grown in the game)

Lands - let you grow Magic Candy Tree trees and produce Mega Candy

In addition to tokens, I own several digital assets, in the form of Unicorns - a game character.




I keep Candy tokens, because, I see how this game develops and improves every month, I see the work of the project team and developers.
The most important thing is that the project does not stand still, is not abandoned, and once the project is constantly working, this makes my assets higher in price,
because new members are constantly coming into the game, which means that it is becoming more popular all over the world, and the digital asset in the form of Candy tokens will grow in value.

Project Dropil - DROP tokens


Briefly about the project Dropil, the tokens of which I hold:

One of the core services that Dropil offers is the automated smart trading platform, internally and externally referred to as Dex.
The Dex trading system is not a single bot or strategy, but rather a carefully curated set of automated bots that use different logic stacks that are monitored by our team.

Dex uses a pooling approach for each logic server stack, this means that all users of a like mode, or risk type, contribute to and receive returns from that mode’s pool. This provides a massive advantage to all participants, especially in regards to the safety of returns.

Drop Token - ERC-20 token, Ethereum blockchain
Drops are the currency of Dropil. All transactions into and out of the Dex system require the use of Drop Tokens exclusively to maintain a number of beneficial features of the infrastructure.

The Dropil project is a whole ecosystem, with several well-functioning services that allow you to earn:

- from owning DROP tokens
- from any other own digital assets
- from trade through bots and project services
- from signals


I think this project and its token has many advantages for the cryptocurrency community and for traders, because it is really a real product that allows you to earn and make a profit, even for beginners.

Here you do not need to be a professional in the field of trading, it is enough to deposit a certain amount of Dropil to your DEX account, choose the type of automated trading - and the algorithms will earn money for us.

I see a lot of prospects in the project and a lot of potential, the team always develops the project and makes it better. Therefore, I keep tokens and participate in the project ecosystem since 2018, and receive payments:



I use a moderate automated trading mode


SmartGold project - SGT token


Briefly about the project SmartGold, the tokens of which I hold:

The project SmartGold, and its SGT token are a Blockchain-asset, backed by real gold.
Owners of tokens become co-owners of the Main Gold Supply Contract. 1 SGT = 1 gram of gold 999.95 samples.

The release of tokens provided a contract for the supply of goods. Fixing the risk ratio occurs in the purchase price of the goods, in the form of a discount from the market price and is fixed in a unit of physical mass. The product of the contract is gold, a universal measure of value.

This project is one of the few that embodied the reinforcement of a cryptocurrency token into reality - a physical gold asset. I see how the project team works, provides ongoing reports, uploads photos from the gold mining site.


The project has serious leadership, a team and advisors, and very soon (following from the roadmap) mining will begin, and gold will be supplied to project participants / investors. Just because there is a unique idea, large-scale plans and real development - I keep these tokens.

This project uses the Universa blockchain, the tokens are stored on the Universa wallet.


Universa project - UTN / UTNp token


Briefly about the project UNIVERSA, the tokens of which I hold:

Universa is a new generation of blockchain technologies, originally developed not as a cryptocurrency, but as a protocol for creating and managing chains of smart contracts. Due to this, Universa does not depend on the mining process. As a result, the processing of all operations on the Universa protocol is very fast and at minimal cost.

Transactions in the Universa system are 100 times cheaper than in Bitcoin.
Universa greatly simplifies the process of making transactions in e-commerce. The protocol makes it possible to make automated payments in any currency and immediately issue all necessary payment documents using smart contracts. Universa also greatly simplifies the process of obtaining loans on the Internet, creating electronic exchange offices, processing customs declarations, etc.


Universa allows you to create chains of smart contracts for solving virtually any business problem. They can be used both in internal corporate processes and for creating public applications. For example:

- Smart key for car
- Club card in spas and fitness centers
- Elements of the smart home that interact with each other
- Payment cards for parking lots and gas stations
- Cargo tracking in logistics.


UNIVERSA is a whole ecosystem created by Russian business angel Alexander Borodich. Here a serious approach at a high level was immediately visible. Various meetings, negotiations and events on the world stage.
An experienced team, powerful and useful product, brought its results during the sale of tokens, and it was collected: $ 28,800,060. I see how every quarter, the project team publishes reports, the project does not stand still, and new opportunities are constantly being developed and developed. I believe that this project will become useful in real life, very soon, and that is why I keep UTN tokens.



  • In fact, this is not all the tokens that are in my portfolio, but I think it is important to single out the main tokens that can bring profit to investors / holders of cryptocurrency assets in the near future.


With kind and respect to your readers...KOS500

Written specifically for the platform Publish0x.com in the framework of the action #ShowYourPortfolio

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Hello! I am KOS500 - Investor, a crypto-enthusiast, a participant in all sorts of bounty companies and airdrop projects. Everywhere where there is a cryptocurrency - there I am! =))


Hello! I am KOS500 - Investor, a crypto-enthusiast, a participant in all sorts of bounty companies and airdrop projects. Everywhere where there is a cryptocurrency - there I am! =)) I will publish various free ways to earn cryptocurrencies and tokens.

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