Cointiply: Surveys, Board Kings, and Mahjong+

By Korlithiel | Crypto gamer at home | 23 Apr 2021

Hello, another day with an odd bit of time and another short post. Today I wanted to cover my main earnings, from short burst with the faucet and the chat rain bonus to higher rewards such as surveys and mobile app installs.

My main way to while away small bits of time on Cointiply is to check for the latest PTC (pay to click) advertisements, allow them to load, and once again read through the same website to see if this time it manages to strike my fancy. I also diligently hop into chat, claim for my portion of the bonus (join chat>claim pool share>acknowledge), and run the faucet. From time to time I'll carve out a bit more time and check out the TheoremReach surveys as they tend to pay at least a portion once you get in, which is vastly different from Swagbucks where you can wholly complete many of these same surveys and not see anything for your efforts.

Finally, the two big app installs I've had a go at recently.

Board Kings (102,000 coins) is, at it's heart, dice rolling and board building. It has a monopoly feel to it, except that once in a long while you either take a train to someone else's little board town and try to wreck the place, or have a piggy heist and steal a small amount from someone. I found the offer on the OfferToro wall, for 102000 coins, for playing through to level 12 (it says to complete level 11, and indeed I had to complete it before it credited). Twice I found I hit walls in leveling and opted to buy in-game purchases, noticing that the main offer scaled up in price if I opened the app a lot, and also found the board specific boosts were generally only useful if I spent money recently (or had banked a full set of rolls when it started) as they were consistently too hard to make progress on in time to see any meaningful rewards. Guides suggest it can easily enough be done within the time frame and without paying to play, but I've my doubts as at the end I found even leveling a single building quite difficult as my piece just *randomly* was less likely to land on the increased number of useful spots, payouts on spots were on the lower and lower end, and more and more I found visitors came and attacked. I recommend the offer if you can spare some time a few times a day, at the start of your day, 8 hours later, and again just before bed (it doesn't hurt to dip in once in the night if you find yourself already awake, such as due to offspring like me).

Mahjong+ (89,250) is a set of games of Mahjong, for the most part. There are some niceties that help with making it go faster, and reasons (such as a timer and multiplier) that add to the basics, but for the most part it's just a set of find the matching pairs until you win or hit a wall. And it is those walls that killed it for me, first because once you hit one you aren't given the option to use an item you have, just pay to scramble the board or admit defeat and lose a heart (I think hearts refill every 30 minutes). Regardless, while I was enjoying the game to a point, I hit a hard wall at 26, ran out of items, and every defeat now came with an advertisement so it was a no-go for me. I think it's probably a fine offer to run through for the determined, or really love Mahjong, but for me who only casually plays such games once every so many years, it quickly became a grind that simply wasn't worthwhile.

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Dad at home, hiker, reader, avid gamer.

Crypto gamer at home
Crypto gamer at home

A father at home, coffee drinker, reader, gamer, and now dipping my toes into the world of coins. Join me on my journey, and my sporadic posts.

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