Coin Hunt World, getting started walking and enjoying trivia

By Korlithiel | Crypto gamer at home | 7 Apr 2022

Nearly a year in, scaling down how I play so I can focus on getting my toddler up to walking more and less time in a stroller. The game is made by Titanium Toaster, and currently seed funded and so in loss mode (with very limited income from partnerships) while building out the game and getting the parts in place so they can get their model underway. for the official website, for the fan map of the POI's, and for the fan made and maintained wiki.

How to get started!

Remember to use my relink to get a buddy bonus of two mystery boxes (keys/materials)!

Android only, iOS users are out of luck at this time

  1. Install CoinHuntWorld
  2. Click before you upgrade your HQ (Headquarters) to level 3. If the link launches the game, the referral worked. If not, tap and hold the link and select open Coin Hunt World to try and force it.
  3. Where ever suits you best to use it often, tap the green building icon on the left hand side of your screen, confirm, and place your HQ.
  4. Follow the quest chain (using resources such as paint and resin, and having printed certain color cubies) to upgrade your HQ and add functionality to the game. For more HQ information, such as on leveling, see this section of the wiki:

Game is mobile only, will need to verify that in a few ways (such as the rare photo quest) and as they give you crypto (BTC/ETH) for playing they are slow-rolling their intended global rollout. iOS remains up to Apple, who continues to give no usable feedback (something they are unfortunately known for). Lastly, the vault rewards infographic displays what answering in hunter mode and getting a perfect is worth in USD worth of randomly BTC or ETH.

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Dad at home, hiker, reader, avid gamer.

Crypto gamer at home
Crypto gamer at home

A father at home, coffee drinker, reader, gamer, and now dipping my toes into the world of coins. Join me on my journey, and my sporadic posts.

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