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Coin Hunt World - A decent bitcoin/ethereum source USA/CA

By Korlithiel | Crypto gamer at home | 27 May 2021

Been awhile. I've been busy with life, found I lack a sustained interest in Upland (or, rather, I've got a routine that takes very little time and nothing else to do unless I spend money), and have found myself very taken with Coin Hunt World.

Before I get into the game, why I'm into the game. It's reminiscent of Pokemon Go, in that it encourages getting outside and seeing the world. And that works great for me, since my offspring sleeps great on walks and drives but otherwise struggles to get down for a nap so much that I find an hour of walking less draining than 15 minutes of fussing.

How I got into the game was posts here from anakura, such as this one: which describes a fair bit about how much crypto they are raking in and more. My own earnings to date: Crypto to date



Anyways, if you do dig into the game get it downloaded and set up, then use a referral link such as mine to nab some extra green keys (the green vaults are worth $1 crypto when you solve one). relink:

Love to hear thoughts, and looking forward to it leaving beta (as it is, iOS users need to install test flight before they can enjoy it).

One last note:
How to be sure an iOS referral registers as valid: 1) have your referral install TestFlight: 2) have your referral install the game app: 3) have your referral click your link before they build an HQ. If your link launches the game, the referral worked. 4) If your link goes to the App Store instead of launching the game, have your referral restart their device, then long-press your link to “ open with” Coin Hunt

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Dad at home, hiker, reader, avid gamer.

Crypto gamer at home
Crypto gamer at home

A father at home, coffee drinker, reader, gamer, and now dipping my toes into the world of coins. Join me on my journey, and my sporadic posts.

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