By kingbearkoef | KongKoef | 11 Aug 2021


I have looked at the Super Cup match today. I think it's a easy game for Chelsea and they might even win with 2 or more goals. 

The new season is on the doorstep in both England and Spain, but before the Premier League and La Liaga get underway this weekend, we must have just handed out the season's first international trophy. Unfortunately, we are not dealing with one of the most prestigious trophies, but the match is still an excellent opportunity to get the final details refined before the start of the season against an equal opponent.

Immediately, it is two teams from different shelves that collide here in the Super Cup. Although Unai Emery and Villarreal had an impressive form in the Europa League last season, the performance in the league was at the same time so fluctuating that it is not a team I can back up against a team of Chelsea's caliber. The Blues have an absolutely fantastic squad, which Thomas Tuchel suddenly got to play really good football, and with great success as a result. In my view, there is a couple of levels difference between Chelsea and Villarreal, and I think we will also see that on Wednesday night, judging from Villarreal's test matches, then they are certainly not ready for this challenge. Thomas Tuchel and co. allowed to raise another trophy!


I think it's very well payed to put your money on a Chelsea victory..

1.70 is the odds at the moment.

And for the (-1) handicap is payed 2.87.. wow..

Good luck

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