Meet Brazilian President: Jair Messias Bolsonaro

By Synergy | kolor | 26 Feb 2022

As this should be an informative post, i will try to keep my political opinion at bay.

If you aren't aware of Brazilian politics, you probably didn't ever heard about him.

As a member of a right-wing political party, he spent many years of his life persuing military career, and another many years at politics.

By many, know as a "meme", due to many of his quotes, he have support from a huge voters base in Brazil, that has growth exponentially when he suffered an attempt to his life during a commission in 2018, were he took a knife on his belly.


Loved by many, also hated be many, he is indeed a polemic president. While many of his quotes cause big reactions on public, he started to govern in a not so good time to be president.

We many reasons to say that: pandemic, global crises, Russia and Ukraine war, increasing inflation and the legacy of fourteen years of bad government of opposing political party is no small issue to solve in a four year mandate.

Still, he did great changes since he got in the position. He made the "auxilio emergencial" that gave about 600 BRL for about a year to more than 50 million uninformal brazillian workers. That's about 100 USD per month to a quarter of the country, for an year.

He also created programs like "auxilio gas" and intend to cut of all taxes on fuels and energy.

Google some of his quotes. I bet you will have a good laugh.

About Russia and Ukraine: he refused to take a side on the dispute.

Anyway, if you want to know my personal opinion, I like him, he is a better president than we had before. I voted for him in 2018.

Maybe a nation got the government it deserves. Think About It.

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