How to mantain a blog. What I realized so far.

By Synergy | kolor | 24 Feb 2022

It's not easy to mantain a blog.

Anyone can come up with a few blog posts, but in the long run, it gets harder and harder to come up with new ideas that yet haven't been explored many times, by many people.

This is when I came up with this post idea.

First of all, you need to have some kind of fixed schedule. This will help you to keep things organized. The more commitment you "add" to it, most value your blog will have.

Second, when planning on and deciding the theme of your next post, it's always better to have three or four ideas in mind than a single one. This way you can choose between them, and bring up a better discussion into trends.

KISS rule also apply to blogs! This means, try to Keep It Stupid Simple.

Having a big idea is great, but having an "ok" idea is better than having no idea at all. This apply to a hundred percent cases.

If you have no idea, read a lot! Sooner or later, something will come up into your mind. Brain is like a car, it needs fuel to reach places, and this fuel is called information!

Have one thing in mind before posting into your blog: each post on the blog, on every blog, should at least make a point!

That's the main reason that people are after blog posts after all, doesn't it?

Also is a good practice to evaluate your post before posting. Here is where I see most people failing.

This sense of evaluation comes with common sense, and this is not a thing you were born with, it comes with learn and experience.

I hope this help you, as it did me.


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