How to make Impossible Possible

By Synergy | kolor | 26 Feb 2022

I've read a book title that inspired me to write this publication: "How to make the impossible possible"

The idea behind it is simple, but in practice the thing go beyond easy task. It's a hard thing to do in fact.

So here is the deal about it: you can make impossible things possible. Not all of them of course, we have to respect human limitations. But in practice, you can train yourself to have discipline, and with great effort and enough work, following the principle that you can accomplish things far beyond you can imagine you could, you can "make the impossible possible".

Take top graduate student, successful workers, politicians and olympic athletes for account. They did not reach their status without hard work, discipline and maybe even a bit of lucky.

Sure, being on the right spot at right time helps a lot. But this shouldn't be taken as main factor of success in most of cases.

Maybe we can say that even love plays a spot on "success of impossible".

So always try to give the best of you, on every thing you do. It will worth it on long run.

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