A Fullstack JavaScript guide for beginner programmers: Where to start?

By Synergy | kolor | 23 Feb 2022

This publication will be a small introduction to a bigger post I wrote on medium:

Fullstack JavaScript career path: does it worth it? Where to start? 

Followed by another post I made:

Reasons to code in Vanilla JS

First things first. I don't consider myself a purist or evangelist of JavaScript, and I care about audience opinion. 

In fact, most things I bring up in these articles are not "speculative thoughts" or mambo-jambo.

Those are concrete experiences, based on years of cumulated knowledge, maybe most of it by hands-on trial (and lots of errors on the pathways)

I don't cover the entire developer experience there. This would require countless pages. But is a good start for anyone who wants to get familiar with something more practical.

I also wrote the end of first article in a bit of a hurry. It was getting a little bigger than I originally planned, (about 10 minutes read time) so I had to cut it off.

The second article is quite small. About 2 minutes reading.

If any of the information provided in these show inconsistency to reality, or if you think there is lack of information, please contact me and let me know. Thanks!

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