Days 2 and 3: Kolobok Challenge

Yesterday wasn't a good day for our Kolo Challenge. And today, not much better.

Third attempt at breeding met with failure number 3...


Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I set the couple to do their business again. Then, this morning (Day 3)...


Another stillborn Kolobok. Hmmm. The odds are definitely not in my favour.

On a positive note, though, little Quasar beat the wolf for our first prize.


I took the prize over to R-Planet for staking. The word on the street is that R-Planet will reduce the amount of Aether that Kolo Prizes earn, but for now, it's still 1.6/hour. Positive earnings!


Back to the breeding room. I think I need to change my plan, and try Lucky Quasar (the Gen 7) with Starlight (the Gen 4). I decided I would stay with the space-themed names, so here's hoping for a live birth of little Pulsar.

Breeding Pulsar

I'll take a chance and send the other Gen 4, (a/k/a "Nova") on a Granny quest! Nothing too dangerous, but we'll see!

I had a few minutes left, so I decided to check out Looks like a promising gaming group, just getting started. I joined their discord channel!

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Just getting started with Kolobok training! Journaling my experience.

Kolo Trainers 100 Wax Challenge
Kolo Trainers 100 Wax Challenge

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