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I'm making a SYFY movie.

By KoLeeOni | KoLeeOni | 24 May 2021

If you ever watched the SyFy (formerly SciFi... but they didn't represent Science Fiction the right way. Got kicked out the group) you would know....... that's the representation of this scheme-filled, twisted back story, its too easy feeling, explaining stuff to people and they don't believe you AND as much sense as you are making it still doesn't make sense at all... I can keep going. Let's just say when you die chances are it was pretty funny and nobody remembers your plot. 

I was gonna start off comparing my journey to that Cee-Lo Green song, but I know I'm crazy. Thats not a debate. 

In the last week I've kept up with my slow burn, I mean slow earn. My very first comment received on here led me to Faucets. Something I should have been familiar with by now, but nope.  Working from your phone is not the easiest.  If I didn't grow up on desktop computers and laptops (reminder that I'm 36) I probably wouldn't make that excuse. I'm not really in to social media. I've tried over the years, but if its not for a specific group I'm fooling with...I'm good. 

So back to these faucets.  Once I get my computer they will be more fun to play with. Until then I think Cointiply 🤔 actually is the easiest and well-paying.  Quick too.  Most faucets have you earn their token and then Autoclaim, leave browser open, and repeat.  Not bad but I can't leave any browser open for too long. So thats why a computer comes in handy.  

Second, this past week I stuff with using Free LiteCoin app. The PlayTime Adwall has a couple decent games. After they bored me I just let the Slots run on Auto Spin.  They started a double points bonus halfway through the week.  If I'm able to let the slots run a little bit today I will have made close to $4 playing games while relaxing or or when I actually didn't need my phone and did the slots AutoSpin.  Free LiteCoin cashes you out once a week and all you need is 100,000 points.  Its easy to hit that mark, but unless its double points or you are a gamer...I'd recommend Cointiply even though I have not really played with it too much yet.  Unless there are unforeseen issues with Withdraw, the rate you can earn and the amount you need to cash out (different for BTC and DOGE) is pretty reachable. 

I'm still looking for my giveaways, free crypto, and learning opportunities. has been so informative. If you read this article, please dig deep. It's a lot of gold in these hills!!!!

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I'm interested in learning. Blockchain, crypto, DeFi, etc. Its so many possibilities.


I'm new to the crypto world, but all I see is opportunity. To learn, grow, and maybe make some money. I'm a 9-5er that's looking for a way out of the rat race... I'm pretty sure I found it

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