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I just don't want to be left behind.

By KoLeeOni | KoLeeOni | 20 May 2021

I'm new to the world of blockchain.  Trying to find my way and also not be left behind. I've made some bad decisions.  And I've made worst.  I'm hoping to show and prove that this technology gives you the means to correct your past mistakes...every day.  Yes the risk is crazy volatile.  So far I've taken $20 in sign up and post/retweet rewards from Phemex exchange and turned that in to few hundred by margin trading.  I had no clue what I was doing before.  I'm learning and try to take advantage of all these opportunities blockchain has presented.  

I currently don't have any funds to invest.  So I'm finding different ways to earn it and it actually be legit.  This Free LiteCoin app payout is decent. Pays out on Monday night/Tuesday morning.  You earn points that are converted to Litoshi and sent to the Litecoin address of your choosing.  I made about $3.60 casually playing some random rpg war game. I didn't make any extra effort to play, other than a few times.  You can also just leave said game open for a set amount of time like 20 minute intervals.  The app is pretty good at keeping track of you playing if you can go back and forth between the two just in case.  I do the Playtime wall. Not the Ad Gem wall.  It tells you how many points you get every so many minutes.


Another is Womplay, earn some wombat playing games on their app.  You have to join a pool.  And you usually end up earning a few cent.  I've had issues with games I've downloaded through their app not linking and not getting wom ats for things I've done in game.  Such as Upland, the property trading game. I invested a few bucks in some UPX (Upland currency) and in turn that should also affect how many wombats you get when playing.  They have goals such as reaching certain levels.  Or challenges to earn an extra reward like speeding through a game or spending hours on a game.  I have time, but not time for that.  

I am going to grind out some litecoin this week. Hopefully I can make enough in order to move it.  

This blog is going to be about my own experience and perspective of learning blockchain and investing.  Also, I've always wanted to be a journalist or blogger.  I'm going to hone my craft and get better before your eyes.  From presentation to content. I'm working off my phone presently. I intend to follow through up to when I get my very own crypto trading rig. 

Give me a shot. 


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I'm interested in learning. Blockchain, crypto, DeFi, etc. Its so many possibilities.


I'm new to the crypto world, but all I see is opportunity. To learn, grow, and maybe make some money. I'm a 9-5er that's looking for a way out of the rat race... I'm pretty sure I found it

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