5 reasons to start investing in Nexo right now!

By kokaloca | kokaloca | 15 Jul 2021

Hello everyone! Many of you probably already know about Nexo, but others are still unfamiliar with it and also some may heard of it but never really tried it.


This was my first transaction on this CeFi back in Jun11-2020 and since then I've been receiving daily interests, and also add some extra cryptos to earn more over time..



They have a native token called "Nexo" which was worth around $0,12 at that time, when I also decided to add some to my bags, current price now is $1,59 and it's ATH was $4,07 which means in case of sell right now it would be making x13 and if I were lucky enough to knew the mentioned ATH i would have obtained gains x34.


Since that time a lot of things were changed, and I got to say it was always for the better. Here are some reasons I consider good enough to try this website.


1) Listen to what community have to say

Over that 1-year period Nexo management constantly improved their communication skills, even adding a Vote section to let us decide over some actions that will hugely impact on the bussiness model. They also enable an Exchange which was requested several times by its users. This is unique considering it's a Centralized Finance Platform.


2) Excellent buyback program

Back in december 2020 they launched a buyback program worth $12M. The Buyback program boosted token liquidity, thus reducing price volatility, and gave token holders additional security that the token’s value will continue to rise. For full transparency, repurchased NEXO Tokens were placed in an Investor Protection Reserve (IPR), visible at this public ERC-20 address


3) Great rates to earn in over 20+ differents fiats & cryptos paid out daily

You can HODL the main cryptos right now, such as BTC, ETCH, LTC, XRP and others. They recently add Cardano (ADA) as well. You can also earn interests on stable coins (DAI, USDC, USDT among others) and also on fiat like USD, GBP and EUR.

The interesting thing about earning here is that you can earn without having to interact with their native token, however they also have a loyalty program which extends benefits depending on the amount of NEXO Tokens you hold across your Portfolio Balance.



4) Tokenomics, bank license acquisitions, expanding institutional offering, and plans of becoming a publicly-listed company

These 4 reasons are the key areas they are looking forward to improve over the next year to make the company long-term sustainable, which also means us as investors can benefit from it. Recently risking its "flagship" which was the annual dividend payment, prior to a community vote, it became more clear their intentions to become a public company regulated in the US.

Also they have plans to deliver a credit card program since I start investing on their platform, however the fact that they didn't deliver it yet is not necesarily a weak point, they were constantly improving and making positive changes and this is yet to come, which means the token price still has plenty of room to keep growing in a healthy way.


5) New referral system

If all the above is not enough, you can earn $10 worth in BTC just by topping up $100 or more in this platform using this link:


Adding that extra bonus will not have a huge impact on your bags, but after you start investing in this company certainly will, and you will start to believe financial freedom is around the corner.


Thanks for your attention and see you on a next post!









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