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Add your insight by learning DeFi

By koinhunter | Koinhunter | 19 Apr 2020

Hello everyone,i just want to share about the book. If you are someone who studies or wants to learn about DeFi (Decentralized Finance) i have a suggestion for you guys.
You will get a free book that discusses in full about DeFi.

ok this is the book i'm talking about 


How to get it ?

you can get it on and its free, i really appreciate coingecko who has provided a complete book discussing about DeFi for free, and you just need to enter the recepient's email address to get this book. image below show you how to get it.


Ok everyone, thanks for visit. hope this info is useful for you :). As i said, i just share what i know and what i have experienced.

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I just share what i know , if there something scam website . you comment on my post


In this blog , i just write something that i knew ..

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