What platform will you use to Trade ?

By aliiqbal1984 | KnowYourCoin | 1 Mar 2021

For serious investors this is equally important to select the best platform for trading than trading itself. there can be different strategies while taking this decision let me share some food for thought in this short article.

some times people are not really confident in trading with crypto as crypto markets are very fast and trade 24 x 7 x 365 with no breaks and fluctuate a lot within minutes so my advice is first to get familiar with trading principles start with less volatile markets and go for something light weight with high volume so does not have quick fluctuations you can do such kind of trading on platforms such IQ Option if you are not sure how to get started feel free to use the following link to register yourself and get started you can start with as low as 25$ to have a sizeable experience. although they even allow to start with 10$ as well but I would suggest to put in at least 25$ so that you could see your funds increasing and get some confidence. following is an affiliate link so if you go there using my link I will get a tip from you :)


next option for non traders, I know many people have tried crypto trading and failed losing money in rapid market drops many people have approached me to take there money and do trading on there behalf but this is not a good way of giving away your money to some one as there can always be losses and every one knows there own limits when they want to stop and exit. for all such people PrimeXBT is the platform you should try all you need is to transfer your finds in Bitcoins which I suggest not to do that because of higher transfer fees in BTC these days instead you can select to purchase BTC directly from Credit card on website and move that fund to covesting where you can see all the experience traders doing there trade and you get a leaderboard showing how much profit each trader is having on there own money and than you can co invest your fund with a trader in this way when ever that trader will get profit with same rate your funds will also get profits and depending on how much you have co invested profits will be distributed between you the platform and the investor at least you will get 60% of profits in any way and if the trader go in loss you pay that trader nothing just get the loss but you always have option to keep an eye how the trader is performing and if it is going in loss than you can always opt out of co investing and take out your funds at any moment. I have seen experience investors on that platform who are running campaign from like 60+ days and have crossed 4000% profit on there initial investment. for non traders it is a best bet I guess you can go direct to that platform and create an account and start covesting or alternatively use my referral link it will give me some extra tip it you choose to trade yourself on the platform.


next on the list is the platform which have the highest crypto trading volume and it is Binance the reason to trade on Binance is the volume because when there is a large volume of trade it is hard to manipulate the value of coins and scammers or pump and dump groups are unable to induce rapid pumps on coins. a pro tip is never take part in random pumps because they mostly increase the value of coin artificially by using peoples sentiments and when you are in a pump almost 99% of the time they start selling there own coins and what ever gain you get in value fell on ground in seconds and mostly people how join pumps late get stuck with over priced coins and that coin never appreciate to  reach that level again organically always trade with coins that got highest trade volume less daily fluctuation and try to buy them in a dip when it is already over sold in at least 4h graph we will share more on how to select a coin to trade in our future blog posts for now if you are not yet on Binance feel free to use this affiliate link and become a member if you do this you will get discounts on trading fees.


I am sure many of you have heard about trading bots these are automatic trading scripts where you do not have to keep awake all the time to see when a particular coin have dropped to a value to buy that coin and when it have reached a certain value to sell it out instead an automated script keeps on buying and selling coins for you for example if BTC bounce between 47k and 44k for 5 times you don't have to worry this bot will sell it at 47K and purchase it at 44 K and again sell it for 47K and continue the loop until you keep it open in this way you will be able to take maximum profit out of your trades with minimum supervision, guess what this Bot trading feature is available on Ku Coin exchange which is also very good when it comes to high volume trading platforms. you can go direct to make an account on kucoin or alternatively use my referral link it will be a nice way to tip me a bit when you make a account using my referral I wish you all the best.


I have been trading on several platforms rest of them are low volume platforms and some does not allow me to open account because of my geolocation so far I think these are the best I have used. If you like my post please feel free to share some tip to this article and register yourself to publish0x platform to earn yourself for reading it feel free to use my referral link to register on this platform.



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