College or No College?

College or No College?

By Knowledgefruit | KnowledgeFruit | 2 Apr 2021


There is no doubt that we learn a lot from schools & colleges but that doesn't mean this is the **ONLY** way to acquire knowledge?

There are many things other ways we can acquire knowledge, if we talk about Hive, no one taught us how to use these online platforms/services? We did it ourselves.

Moreover, schools and colleges are limited to the prescribed syllabus, not everything is taught there. We have to learn the rest on our own only.

Earlier, due to lack of technology, books were not readily available to the masses, the only available option was schools or colleges, but this practice continued for so long that people now cannot think of education without these institutions.

But the reality is different, now, technology has made information accessible to everyone, schools/colleges are not the only source of knowledge today.


If we say learning is a life-long process, why do we have limited it to schools/colleges?

It must be the choice of the student whether to opt for an educational institute or not. It must not be mandatory to have certificates to apply for jobs? The candidates who fulfil the requirement must be selected irrespective of a degree or certificate.

Flexibility must be given to students whether they want to opt for formal schooling or not? The career must be dependent upon the skill and not just certificates.

Some educational institutes have just become Spoon-Feeding centres.

This doesn't mean that educational institutions are not important but the whole point of discussion is that we must respect and accept that there are other ways too by which we can acquire equally good learning or even more.


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