Four Mobile Wallets with Built-in exchanges

In a previous article, we saw four fast and easy cryptocurrency exchanges. To ease the life, of cryptocurrency users, some developers, had added exchange functionality to their wallet software. This makes trading easier, because, you don't need to visit, a different website, or use a different program. The wallet, uses exchange providers, that do the job. We will see four mobile wallets, with built-in exchanges.

Enjin wallet



The Enjin wallet, was built with the best security features available. The security is compared to a hardware wallet, on non-rooted mobile devices. The user has complete control, of the private keys with a 12 word pass-phrase. To protect you, from keyloggers, the software, has it's own keyboard, so there is no way, for malware to sniff keystrokes. There are two independent layers of encryption. The first protects the keystrokes and the second protects, confidential data.

Data is held in encrypted memory, and any important values, are instantly deleted after use. Secure window layout, at the OS level protects from screen-shots. The wallet, supports over 200 coin/token pairs to exchange.

More about Enjin:


Edge wallet



Edge, is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet, with a secure platform, that supports many assets, including ERC-20 tokens. This wallet offers a built-in exchange, that allows you, to exchange assets, at any time. The producer of the wallet, has partnered, with many exchanges, so the user, does not need to use any other software or service to do the exchange. Client side encryption is used, so, data flows to the server encrypted. The company, cannot access, user's information. A zero knowledge architecture is used, so there is no need to submit private data.

More about Edge:


Exodus Mobile wallet



Exodus is a secure desktop wallet for many years, and they have added a mobile wallet, that can be synced, with your desktop wallet. With this wallet, the user has full control, of his assets, with a 12 word pass-phrase. This phrase, is the master key, for all private keys, created for the different asset blockchains. The transactions, and balance, of each asset, is shown, because the wallet reads the blockchain data. The mobile wallet is handy, because, you can have your crypto-assets anywhere.

More about Exodus:


Monarch wallet


Monarch wallet simplifies many tasks, for the cryptocurrency users. With the wallet a user can store passwords, access all enabled services, manage 2FA codes, access a cold storage wallet, manage cryptocurrency balances, manage private keys, conduct transitional fiat currency payments, and access all other Monarch service provider platforms. Among many interesting services, I have noted some special. Password vault, recurring payments for subscriptions, decentralized exchange, crowdfunding, and fiat gateway. The company has created the Monarch security token, where 15% of gross revenue, will be distributed to all Monarch security token holders, once a week.

More about Monarch:


Cryptocurrency applications are evolving, and more services become available to the cryptocurrency users. The future is fascinating, stay tuned!


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Knowledge for cryptocurrency users

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