Four Gambling related coins/tokens

Another list of four coins. This time, we will check out the gambling sector. With the blockchain technology, provably fair gambling, is already here. The next draw, is a result, of the previous blockchain data, based on an algorithm, that any user, can confirm. So there is trust for the next draw. You can check out my other lists, here.


WinK (TronBET)

Tronbet, is the first permissionless and trustless, high performance, gaming platform. Industry experts, from blockchain and gaming, are involved with the project. It is the top Dapp, with the most users, with the best transaction count, and transaction volume. The top tracking sites, have counted, a daily volume of 10 million USD, with 4000 active users.

Wink, tries to make TRON's ambition for a “truly decentralized internet” a reality. This will be done, by making the platform, the premier gaming platform, across all chains. The coin will try to utilize the capacity of 2000 transactions per second, and 3 seconds, block time, for instant gambling.

To put user experience first, free transactions, is a necessity. For games, that run on the TRON blockchain, users get bountiful supplies and energy, by staking, a small amount of TRX tokens. Games like slots and poker currently, run cost-free, and more games, will come up next.

WIN token holders, are the core of the WINk gaming platform. Every Dapp, hosted on the platform, will share a portion of the winnings, through the “WinDrop” process. The token, is a TRC-20 compliant token, with benefits to token holders. They will have staking and governance rights, exclusive opportunities and experiences, game-play discounts, and token rewards.

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The blockchain technology, has fundamentally, changed the on-line gambling world. Because of the immutability, of blockchain records, any user can verify, and retrace past transactions. Many on-line casino operators, have since developed platforms, to provide this benefit, to their users. The Bitbook, is a sportsbook, and online casino, that compensate users for their losses, with up to 10%, and offers them, an unparalleled diversity of games, and betting options.

Bitbook, issued it's coin BKX, with an initial coin offering, and the token, is, the in-game currency. Bets are accepted, with major cryptocurrencies, but the BKX tokens, will be incentivized by various measures. The loss compensation, is available only for BKX, token holders, and a regular buy back, is scheduled, with the burn, of those tokens.

The sportsbook offers the ability to the users, to place bets on the outcome of sports events, and functions worldwide. You only need a laptop, or a mobile device. A peer to peer betting platform, will be launched soon. The project is planning to use smart contracts, in the future.

The token, is an Etherem ERC-20 token, with a cap of 750,000,000 tokens. 44% of the tokens, will go to founders, team and advisors, and the rest 56% goes to the public.

More about Bitbook:



Quanta, is a lottery founded by experts, in both “fintech” and “regtech”. It is the first decentralized gaming organization, that succeeds at combining advanced decentralization techniques – such as smart contract powered random number generation. with business practices, that are compliant with government regulation.

The lottery business, is composed of a number of processes. The random number generation, the sale of lottery tickets, the determination of the pool size, house percentage, prize delivery, and regulation compliance. A cryptocurrency wallet is available, for the users, to do platform transactions. KYC level 3 is needed to participate.

The revenue distribution, is as follows. For the prize pool (payouts to lottery winners), 70-79%. Ticket sale smart contract commissions 1-10%. Royalty payments to QNTR token holders, 5%. Operational costs, up to 15%. The platform, has two tokens, the QNTU, which is a utility token, used for pledging. The QNTR token, provides to the token holders, the right to access royalties. The two tokens, are not connected, by any way.

Both tokens, are ERC-20 tokens, but KYC, is needed for the second token, because of royalty distribution.

More about Quanta:



CoinPoker, is a poker room, built on blockchain technology. Poker players, are benefited from extremely competitive rakes with huge value added bonuses and promotions. The platform, has it's own token, the CHP token. With the use of the blockchain, key obstacles that do not allow the growth of on-line poker, are removed. The easy payment processing, the purely random generation for draws, and the easy blockchain marketing techniques, allow the growth of the platform. All those functions, are not easy, if the blockchain, was not invented. Even new game creation can be voted from the community, with the blockchain voting technology.

CoinPoker, will operate, on Ethereum smart-contracts based, cryptocurrency protocols. A new cryptocurrency, called CHP, will be introduced. You can buy the token on-line, no matter, what geographical region you reside in. The processing speed is very high, as players can fund, or withdraw from their CoinPoker account, instantaneously. As a consequence, CHP, has enormous utility.

The revenue distribution, will be, as follows. 15% for jackpot, 20% for leaderboards, 30% for added CHP tournaments, and 35% for community promotions and bounties. There will be 500 millions of tokens released, and this amount will be fixed. The fixed supply, and the increasing demand, will guarantee, a higher price, for CHP, as time passes.

More about CoinPoker:

Here, again, we come to the end of another list of four tokens. Follow, to stay tuned for more.

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