Four Entertainment related coins/tokens

Four Entertainment related coins/tokens

Here we have another list of four coins. Today's sector, is the Entertainment sector. You can check out my other lists on my blog's page:


Theta token

The Theta network, with it's native token, is a platform, for decentralized streaming, and a video delivery network. The project, wants to solve various challenges, that the streaming industry faces. The tokens are used as an incentive, to encourage individual users to share their redundant computing and bandwidth resources. They can operate, as caching, or relay nodes, for video streams. With sufficient network density, the majority of users, will pull streams from peer caching nodes, so network delivery costs, can be minimized.

The Theta blockchain, introduces three main novel concepts. The first is, Multi-Level BFT. With this concept, thousands of nodes, can participate, allowing transaction speeds, up to more than a thousand transactions per second. A small number of nodes, form the committee, to validate transactions. The thousand of consensus participants, called guardians, finalize the chain, at various defined block points. The guardian pool can make it, more difficult to attackers, to compromise the network.

The second concept, is the Aggregated Signature Gossip Scheme. With this concept, instead of a basic, all to all broadcasting at the checkpoint, each guardian node, keeps combining the partially aggregated signatures, from all it's neighbors, and gossips out the aggregated signature. The third, is an off-chain resource oriented micro payment pool, that is built for video streaming. It allows, a user, to create an off-chain, micro payment pool, that a user can withdraw, with an off-chain transaction. It is more flexible compared to micro payment channels.

The platform, has two tokens. The Theta token, is an ERC20 token, with a currently fixed supply, of 1 billion tokens. At main net launch, each holder, will receive the same number of native tokens on Theta network, with a ratio of 1:1. The Theta Fuel token, is the operational token on the blockchain. At the time of launch, there will be 5 billion Theta Fuel tokens, that will be distributed, to Theta holders, with a ratio of 1:5.

More about the Theta Token:



Moviebloc's vision, is to overcome current movie and theatrical problems, with the use of blockchain. The creators, will get transparent revenue share, audience data, and equal screening opportunity. The viewers can access, various films and content. In the long term, the platform, will make the most participant centric film ecosystem.

By co-working, with KMPlayer, a multimedia player, with more than 300 million users, Moviebloc, will not only provide film producers, with an equal opportunity to create and show their films. But will allow users, to see movies, at affordable prices. The project, seeks to provide an ecosystem, with all film distribution participants, like translators, designers, curators, reviewers, e.t.c.

Moviebloc, will decentralize the film industry, with a transparent reward, to the participant's role and contribution. It will run, on-line festivals, to discover quality movies, and talented creators. Every quarter, a festival will be run, with a prize of 10,000 USD to contest winners. Creators, may rise money from viewers as donations, to produce new films.

The creator, will receive 90% of the revenue, at Moviebloc. With the help of a smart contract, creators are rewarded, as soon as, they upload their film, and users purchase the content. Creators are provided with insights from their followers and viewer data, such as gender, age and traffic source. The marketing cost, will be reduced, as KMPlayer is used in 150 countries.

Moviebloc, consists of three layers: Community, Market, and Fund-raising. The community layer, is a decentralized film community, connecting all platform participants. The market layer, allows trading of films, subtitles and marketing materials. Fund-raising layer motivates creators, to provide high quality films, by opening donation channels, during film festivals. So, if they do not win the prize, they still, can be funded, with the donations from the users.

More about Moviebloc:


StreamIt Coin

The project was created, for today's vloggers, video channel owners, and streamers, as a way to reward their subscribers, based upon the subscription tier. The StreamIt bot, will shower them coins, at regular intervals, allowing channel owners to reward followers and build the platform 24/7.

Other developers, created new social media platforms, and combined their efforts, with the innovations that the blockchain offers. The project's developers, wisely, made the new blockchain technology, accessible, to the current social media platforms. With the StreamIt bot, the audience will be kept excited, by allowing the viewer to receive coins, by watching a channel's content.

When someone becomes a registered StreamIt streamer, he can use the platform, and set rewards, for the subscribers. Rewards, can be set, to non subscribers, that are watching the stream, too. Then, an amount is set, the tier is set, and the StreamIt bot, will do the rest. The dashboard allows, the creator , to view statistics, and all the payment transactions. Time bans can be set, and a permanent ban of trolls, can be set.

The creator, buys, StreamIt coins, and puts them in a wallet. Then, the bot, rewards the viewers, with the amount of coins, set up, by using the wallet's coins. When, a reward is paid, a transaction, is recorded, so it appears in the dashboard, and the viewers, receive Direct Messages, with Youtube Super Chat, or Twich, notifying them, that they have received a reward.

More about StreamIt Coin:



CoinPoker, is a poker room, built on blockchain technology. It can offer fantastic value for poker players, and casual purchasers. The games are offered, with extremely competitive rates with huge value added bonuses and promotions, to drive traffic. Blockchain, technology, allows many issues to be solved, with the most important, the payment processing issues.

With the blockchain, you can create, a provably fair, random generator, with a result based, on the previous block data, that are public. A user, can find out, by redoing the calculation on previous block data, with the algorithm, that is provided, to find out, if the next drawn number, is calculated, correctly from the previous block data.

CoinPoker, is a decentralized platform, which uses a set of contracts using advanced blockchain technologies, via Ethereum, and other blockchain technologies. With these technologies, most of the problems, that on-line poker faces today, are solved.

The native cryptocurrency, CHP (ChiPs), is an Ethereum smart contract token. You can buy it, no matter, in what geographic region you live. CoinPloker's account can be funded, or withdrawn, instantly. It will be available globally, and can be purchased and traded, through third party exchanges. The tokens, will guarantee, the holders anonymity, and the participation, can be done, with a maximally simplified registration process, avoiding user data collection.

More about CoinPoker:

Here we have, another list of four coins. Stay tuned and follow, to see the new lists, coming next.


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