E-commerce related tokens (part 1)

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Mcashchain, is trying to provide an alternative Ebay solution on blockchain. Masternode systems, are an alternative to the power hungry mining. They are used in proof of stake cryptocurrencies. The masternodes provide, increasing privacy of transactions, instant transactions, and participation, in the project's governance, by voting,

MbashChain, has unlimited applications, because it has high speed, zero fees for ordinary users, and a high scalability, It can be used in gaming, auctions, C-commerce, art stock exchange, identification and certification. Other applications, are, voting and election, gamification of the education sector, and blockchain as a service.

The project is divided, into three layers. The storage layer, the core layer, and the application layer. The core layer, consists of, consensus, account management and smart contracts. The consensus, is delegated proof of stake voting, and the smart contract language, is Solidity, The storage layer, is divided, into chain storage, and state storage. The application layer, contains all the applications, built on the platform.

Different types of accounts, exist, in McashChain. There is a regular account type, that is used for standard transactions. The token account, is used for storing McashChain tokens, The smart contract account, is related to the smart contracts creation. Smart contracts are created, and can be triggered, by regular accounts.

The total amount of tokens, at the genesis block, is, 900 Million MCASH tokens. 500 Million are reserved for MAS snapshot distribution, 100 million for the development, 150 million for airdrops, to get users from similar chains, and 150 million are reserved for the foundation, to run, the first 30 supernodes.


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Knowledge for cryptocurrency users

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