Agriculture related tokens (part 1)

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Agavecoin Global S.A. is a company, under Mexico's laws. The company produces agave. The company uses a method of providing nutrients to the plant, through water, so there is no need for fertile soil. The company uses underused or overused land, cheap, for the plantation. Agavecoin, tries to turn under productive or eroded land, to a productive asset, with the technology, and the use of tokens, for investment. The token will allow, people around the world, to participate, in the fields and the progressive projects, of the company. The production of Agave allows making of spirits and many other products, like bioenergy, and other organic products.

The blockchain, will be used, to do the transactions. The planned production, will be entered on the blockchain, in real time. The client can create a smart contract, to lock in, prices, for future deliveries. Future contracts, and pricing information, can become a tool, for farm owners, to plan their productions. The token, is an Ethereum ERC20 token, that will be used to settle transactions, for the smart contracts. Agave is used for Tequilla producing, so stability, will increase, in this market.


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