Advertising related coins/tokens (part 2)

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Global jobs are transforming rapidly. We see many jobs moving to a freelance, or short term work. There are many positive aspects, in this change, there are also some problems. Authenticity, brand safety, faked reviews, billing malpractices and payment methods, make the services too expensive, and undercuts both the customers and the freelancers. Krios aims to bring transparency, to this markets, using blockchain technology.

The advertising space, is also expanding, to the freelance, and influencer reach. Advertising technology, is inefficient, as publishers, continue to lose millions, while fraud continues to skyrocket. Krios, is a freelance and advertisement platform, that incorporates blockchain technologies, to bring social media influencers, consultants, content creators and all relevant service providers together, to create cost-efficient advertising campaigns.

With the use of the blockchain, and Ethereum smart-contract technology, the platform, offers a secure and transparent manner, for conducting marketing activities, such as creating content, or buying website space. All transactions, on the Krios platform, will have a fee of 3%, and can be done in one step. The process is simple and straightforward. A company sends a request containing information about the product, budget, needs and time-line. Then, Krios, matches the business, with approved and registered professionals within the network, who will be chosen by the company to do the work.

Krios token (KRI), is an ERC20, based token, on the Ethereum network. It is the utility token of the platform, to do transactions. Professionals, are reviewed bi-annually, and must provide verification, to prevent fraud and dishonesty. The total supply of KRI, will be 350,000,000. The half of the supply, has been purchased back, leaving a circulation of 165,000,000 tokens, in circulation.


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Knowledge for cryptocurrency users
Knowledge for cryptocurrency users

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