A quick view of AI Doctor

Blockchain created a new cooperation mode that eliminates the information gap of medical resources.

The blockchain based new revolutionary business model, enables new solutions like "Medical Treatment+Artificial Intelligence+Blockchain", to become a reality. The combination of AI and medical services, can collect and process  data on the distributed network, to self-evolve. AI Doctor, is the pioneer, in this field,  applies cutting-edge technologies, and constructs the intelligent medical value chain, AIDOC chain. The chain connects the participants, integrates the medical data resources, and maximizes the value of each participant on the blockchain network.

Creating a market of Health vital signals data, and medical data.

Users, get tokens as a reward, by providing their data to the network. This is a process, similar to "mining".  When the file is written on the blockchain, the network, provides an AIDoctor for everyone, as, it processes, the uploaded data, and supplies medical advice. All the data rights, belong to the owner, that provided them. The user can sell this data, to medical institutions, or to the AI engine technology service provider, thereby releasing the free trade of data.

AIDOC puts forward three core concepts.

AIDOC has the bit digital person, the life bank and the AIDOC concepts. With the bit digital person concept, there is a complete digitalized individual vital sign data footprint. Through wearable devices, smart hardware biological sensors and other equipment, personal vital signs, are continuously uploaded to the AIDOC chain.This collection represent a user, and creates a digital personality Life bank, is the storage of all this data, and the user receives tokens, for the data uploaded to the life bank. Those tokens can be used to buy needed medical services, in the future. The "brain" of AIDOC chain. is the AIDoctor, that is personalized for each user, and provides healthcare services, based on the processed uploaded data.

There are many sources of medical data.

The data is collected through wearable devices, that monitor: body temperature, heat flux for glucose monitoring, weight sensor for BMI Index, pulse wave for blood pressure, heart rate etc. With gene data, aging risks, and other potential risks, can be predicted, and personalized medication, can be provided. The hospital medical record, is a good source, and health applications can help the user, to take action to improve his health.

Token distribution plan.

45% of the tokens will go for Issuance and replacement, 20% for life mining and user incentives, 10% for founding and development teams, and 25% for operation and ecological construction.


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