This Is Why CInstaller Is So Famous! (One of the Highest Paying Website)

CInstaller is an affiliate network PPI (Pay By Install). Any installation that your website / software traffic creates will be paid for.


Why choose CInstaller?

CINSTALLER by Cliq Media Ltd. is leading software distribution and monetization platform. By offering high quality resources to monetize their website or social traffic, we assist our affiliates with maximized profits.

4319ce26bdd2a3eb13485751679bf011fb6ed4fb57ce45ebc0a6c7545042ebae.pngCInstaller makes the traffic (website, social networks, etc.) more profitable than an advertisement network by allowing users' download files. You shall be charged according to the country of the downloaded file when the user downloads the downloaded program. CInstaller is one of PPI (PayPerInstall) who offers the highest payment rates. And it also pays for non-completed, unrepeated and canccelled installations with this pricing model when at least one bid is set up.

Here is the rate per country



By signing up for a network of Agreements associates, a publisher accepts the terms and conditions of Cinstaller and standard industrial practices, such as non-spamming and fraudulent activity.

Do I have to pay?

No, Participating in CInstaller affiliate program is 100% free.

Approval time

The approval time is very fast but sometimes it takes usually takes up to 48 hours, You can contact their support if you haven't received an approval or dissaproval  email by the support.


When can I receive my earnings?

CInstaller have a bi-weekly automatic payment period. Every money you earned from the 1st - 15th will be received at  16th - 18th  while the money you earned from 16th - 31th will be received at 1st -3rd of the following month. And if the payment days are not a business day, then your payout will be sent on the following business day. Nevertheless, you can demand payment manually if you hit the defined minimum-your salary will in this case be paid over the next 2 working days.


What are the payment methods?

Cinstaller pays via Bitcoin, Litecoin, Webmoney , wire transfer, Payza, Paypal

You can also contact their support for other payment methods.


Is there a minimum payout?

Yes, you can setup your minimum threshold manually in payment method on CInstaller affiliate panel.

Paypal and LiteCoin = 1$

Webmoney =10$

Wire Transfer = 100$ 

Bitcoin = 0.0028 BTC


Here's the website:












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